Top 7 Yoga Apps That Are Worth Downloading

Yoga is the best exercise for those who want to stay fit and calm while staying at home. The yoga apps are the best way to do yoga properly at home. To make the right posture while exercising, everyone needs some tips. These apps can help you to do yoga with the right posture. You will find hundreds of yoga and free weight loss apps if you search online, but you do not want to choose the wrong app. Here are some highly-rated yoga apps that you can choose from.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is considered one of the best free workout apps for women, but you have to make some in-app purchases.First, you need an internet connection to download this app. After that, you can use this app without an internet connection. Unlike other yoga apps, this app downloads everything like the library and lessons on your mobile. You can use this app anywhere and anytime. This app is best for those who do not have an internet connection all the time. You can shop Pureful Yoga’s cork yoga mat that contains zero mold and mildew. 

There are video lessons in this app. There is an instructor voice in the background who is continuously guiding you about the posture. Soothing music is also played with the exercise to relax your mind. There are different difficulty levels in this app. It means this app is suitable for both beginners and experts.

  • This app is affordable.
  • The number of lessons in this app is limited.

Down Dog

Down Dog is another amazing yoga app for those who want variety in their yoga lessons. This app has 60,000+ configurations which mean that your yoga routine will change every time you open the app. This feature of the app keeps people engaged. The users also have the option to customize their yoga lessons.

You also have the option to choose from seven instructors who will guide you during the lessons. If you want some tips about yoga for beginners, then there are introduction lectures too to guide you.

This app has targeted sessions like female fitness lessons. In addition, there is music in the app that synchronizes with your breathing pattern.

  • There is a parental version in the app that pregnant women can use.
  • You can use this offline if you do not have an internet connection.
  • All the features of the app are not accessible for free. For advanced features, you have to buy a subscription.

Yoga Studio

You can rely on Yoga Studio if you want to do yoga at home. There are a large variety of lessons on this app. You can also customize your lessons according to your preferences, like doing yoga for weight loss. First, you have to choose the different yoga poses that you want to add to your lessons. Then the app will automatically make a video lesson.

This app has a library in which you can learn about 250+ yoga poses. All the video lessons have the download option. If you want to do the lessons offline, you can download these videos and play them offline. This app automatically decreases the size of the downloaded video without compromising the quality to save mobile space.

  • There are family yoga classes in this app so that you can do yoga with your family.
  • To access some advanced features of the app, you have to buy a subscription. Unfortunately, the app gives notifications of buying the premium subscription repeatedly, which can be frustrating.

Daily Yoga

This app is perfect for those who want to keep track of their daily yoga routine. So whether your goal is to lose weight in 30 days or gain some flexibility, this app is a perfect choice. You can find 100+ yoga and meditation lessons on this app.

You can also add other things in this app like your daily activity, water intake, and calories intake. This app keeps a record of all these things so that you can see your progress.

  • All the instructors that give you tips during lessons are highly qualified. If your body is not cooperating to do specific poses, then the tips given by these instructors will help you a lot.
  • This app has a community of its users. Users from all over the world get to share their goals. You can also share your workout pictures with the people in the community.

5 Minute Yoga

This yoga app is suitable for those who have a very busy daily routine. The name of the app indicates that all the yoga classes are 5 minutes long or less than 5 minutes. This app is best for beginners as all the yoga poses are according to beginner workout capabilities. These short and simple lessons help people to keep motivated.

The drawback of this app is that it does not give any voice instructions. The instructions are written on the screen, so you must also focus on the screen while exercising. But for some people, written instructions are not a problem.

Fitstar Yoga

This app is best for you if you have other goals like fitness, weight loss, and lose belly fat, along with getting flexible. You have to give your personal information like weight, height, age, and target weight at the start. Then this app will give you customized yoga and daily meditation classes according to your goal.

You have to mention your daily calorie intake in this app to keep track of things. The instructions given by the instructor will help you to understand things deeply and do the exercise properly. It is up to you to choose the difficulty level according to your stamina.

Simply Yoga

If you are going to do yoga for the first time and you do not know if you can do it, then this app is one of the best exercise apps for free. This app is completely free, so you can test whether you are a yoga person or not. Furthermore, all the yoga lessons given in this app are simple and easy, making it a perfect app for beginners.

Though it is a completely free yoga app, the quality of the content available here is amazing. In addition, the instructor’s voice is added in the background to help you do exercises properly.


The users highly rate all the apps mentioned above. Analyze your fitness goals and then choose the app accordingly.