Top 7 long-lasting flowers to gift to someone.

Flowers are the classic and the most elegant gift you can give someone. It is a beautiful decor item that is always going to remind them of you whenever they look at it or smell it.

It’s always nice to gift something like homely, isn’t it?

But some people abstain from buying flowers for the sole reason that they dry up so fast.

And yes I agree, you wouldn’t want to spend your efforts just for it to end up in the bin right?

So that’s why…

I have brought a list of 5 long-lasting flowers for a bouquet decoration. So, the next time you want to give flowers to someone, you wouldn’t have to think twice

1. Lilies

If you could define lilies in two words, you can term them as “forever roses”. Yes, that’s right. These beautiful white buds are such an elegant and beautiful choice to present as a bouquet.

Give it to anyone on their special night, and you will definitely stand out among all of them.

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2. Orchids

You cannot fight me on this one. Orchids are without a doubt, the most beautiful flower out there. Either you pair it up with different flowers or make a separate bouquet out of them, it always turns out to be beautiful.

Not only that you get so many color options with orchids. Plus, they can be decorated in so many different ways. So, just pick a few of these and gift them, trust me, they’re going to love it!

3. Carnations

If you haven’t used these flowers yet in your bouquets, you are seriously missing out. Carnations are beautiful delicate flowers that have very soft and open petals. They come in almost every color you can think of and last for about 3 weeks.

It’s the perfect gift you can give someone on their anniversary, birthdays, or even on baby shower. Do give it a shot, it will be worth it.

4. Sunflowers

This list wouldn’t be complete without this beautiful flower. Sunflowers are just so pretty to look at. They also represent positivity, joy, and optimism.

You must have noticed that giving someone sunflowers bring instant happiness to their faces and you know what’s the best part? They can cherish this happiness for longer days.

So, surprise your loved ones with some sunflowers next time, it’s going to make their hearts melt for sure.

5. Hydrangeas

Probably the most underrated flower there is, hydrangeas are a cozy and beautiful choice for gifting on any occasion. They come in a beautiful blue color and last for more than 3 days.

If you are thinking about how you can arrange it for a beautiful presentation, add some white wildflowers or lilies, and there you go – You have a beautiful bouquet in your hands.

6. Peonies

If there’s one flower that represents romance and royalty in its true sense, they are peonies. These cut flowers have an intoxicating fragrance to them, that is just going to make you addicted. Not only that, peonies are a common choice for brides as they are considered a good sign of happy marriage.

So, if you looking for something to make a grand gesture for your partner, buying them peonies is just the right way to touch their hearts.

7. Dahlia

Dahlias are absolutely breath-taking flowers. These pretty flowers come in so many pretty shades that it’s hard to pick a favorite.

You can put all different shades of dahlia and arrange them together for a nice bouquet. Loved the idea? Try it out the next time you want to gift someone flowers.

And oh, they last for almost a week, so don’t worry about it.

Over to you…

Flowers have been the symbol of love since time immemorial. They are a thoughtful gift choice to give to anyone, on any occasion. And it’s just going to put a big smile on their faces. So, I understand if you want to see that smile for a little longer.

That’s why in this list, I compiled all the beautiful flowers that were long-lasting. I hope you have made your decision about what you are buying next!