Top 7 Drupal Themes that You Must Try for Your Website

Ever happened you went to a website and got stunned by its brilliant design and appearance? You wanted to imbibe the same look to your website but didn’t know where you should start from? Well, themes are an amazing tool to give your website a scrupulous look. Drupal also has various options to choose from its spectacular themes suitable for your website.

Let’s have a quick review of the 7 best Drupal themes that you must try for your website!

Bootstrap Mint

Bootstrap Mint tops the list of best Drupal themes for its mobile-friendly interface and responsive theme framework that works tremendously in laying out your website design. It offers up to 4 column layouts and more than 25 regions that you can use for designing your website. It’s also well known for its retina-ready icons, accessible slideshows, and multiple drop-down menus.

Drupal8 Zymphonies Theme

This theme is another best option for giving your website a stunning look with its flexible blocks that alter their widths automatically. It gives you a static banner for your newly designed website’s title and descriptions. It offers up to 3 column layouts and multilevel drupal 8 menus. Another astonishing feature that you may experience is it giving you access to add your social media profile’s links and change any copyrighted content by scrolling down to the theme settings page.


Among the other best Drupal themes, Marinelli is also well-known for its easily customizable themes and easy-to-use features. It gives you 3 column layouts with 8 collapsible regions for your website. It helps you upload banners with its built-in rotating banner feature, wherever you want. For primary links, you can also use headings using this theme.


If you are looking for a simple user interface, we recommend you use Omega as it offers you to use any of the existing page designs and customize your website layouts however you want. It also helps you create sub-themes and clone them through its easy interface.


Nexus is another best Drupal theme known for its clean design, 2 column layout, and 12 block regions. Its flexible slideshows with images and captions and multilevel drop-down menus with multiple languages make it worthwhile for navigation. If you are a regular blogger, own a small business and portfolio, using this theme should be your ultimate priority!

Business Responsive

As the name suggests, Business responsive is an out-of-the-box corporate Drupal theme with its minimal design, multilevel drop-down menus, and modern look for introducing your business to the world. It offers up to 3 column layouts and 16 block regions for organizing business-related content on your website. It also helps you add social media icons to your website to get the best out of your profile information.


Mayo is another option among the best Drupal themes that help you customize your website with its multi-color options for page header and footer and heading font type. It helps you adjust your page’s width, use any of the several menu bar styles, and add a background image to the header area.