Top 6 Tips For Hiring a Moving Company

Moving can be complicated, and finding the right moving company can be just as hard. You last want to sign a contract and see that all your belongings are missing. Another common issue is having the movers piling boxes on each other and breaking your things or charging you for something they shouldn’t. To help you avoid this, you should consider 9Kilo Moving. You can rest assured that you have found the best mover company near me with an excellent reputation. 

Don’t Settle For One Estimate

When moving, you should never consider one estimate without shopping around. This is particularly true with interstate moves. Charges are based on distance, packing, and the services offered. The best thing to do is get two or three estimates at least six months before your move. 

Never Skip The Insurance When Looking For The Best Mover Company Near Me 

Suppose you’ve ever moved before; you’ll know that you should never skip the insurance. You need to ensure that your belongings aren’t just safe in the home but safe outside the house as well. That protects you from damage or issues with the movers losing your items.

Read The Fine Print 

The movers will issue you what is known as a bill of lading. This is a legal contract between the movers and you. You need to read this thoroughly and ensure that everything is correct. Each lading bill should have the name and address of the movers, the type of payment, and other pertinent information.

Try Moving In The Winter

One tip that can truly help you is to move in the winter. Moving in June or the summertime is the most expensive and busiest time for home movers. As such, you should try moving after September. Another tip that works here is leaving another company’s estimate sitting on the table. This lets them know they have competition. They’ll negotiate better if they don’t want to lose your business.

Always Make Sure The Company Is Real

You must ensure the company is fundamental when looking for the best mover company near me. Moving scams are prevalent, and you want to avoid getting scammed. Are the trucks labeled with a clear option? If not, they’re fake. You should also look for the motor carrier on the federal motor administration site. Plug in the dot number the company gives you, and you can see that the company is on the up and up. You can rest assured about our 9Kilo Moving services.

Ask Questions If Your Not Sure About Something

Don’t hesitate to ask if you’re unsure about something in the contract. This is the most important thing to keep in mind. There is no harm in asking. However, if you don’t ask, you may get scammed because you didn’t. Remember, scams are rampant. 

Have A Safe Move 

When looking for the best moving company portland, consider carefully the qualities you need to look for. You need to ensure that you’re paying attention to the contract, that the company is legitimate, and that the contract has all the information you need. You’ll be glad you did.