Top 6 Ganesh Rakhi for 2021

Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is celebrated on the full-moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana. The eternal love and the unmatched bond between a brother and a sister is the essence of this festival. ‘Raksha’ means protection while the word ‘Bandhan’ signifies bond. Sisters tie rakhis on the wrists of their brothers. This is the traditional custom of wishing for a healthy, happy and prosperous life for her brother. In return the brothers promise to be there for the sisters and protect them from evil influences.

Each rakhi delivery in India holds a lot of symbolic significance. Ganesh rakhis are considered auspicious and sacred. Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed God is known as the lord of new beginnings and the remover of obstacles in our lives. Ganesh Rakhis have miniatures of Ganapati along with picturesque designs featuring beads or stones. Tying ganesh rakhis on the wrists of your brother will make sure that the lord’s blessings are showered on him. This will be a heart-touching way of wishing your brother a prosperous and happy life on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

Top 6 Ganesh Rakhi of 2021

  1. Mini Ganesh Rudraksh Rakhi

A miniature Ganesh in the center of the rakhi is flanked on both sides with white rondelle stones. Following the central elements on both sides is a miniature rudraksh. The other elements of the rakhi are red and white rondelle stones along with a white braided cotton tying thread. Ganesh is an auspicious symbol in India and also an integral part of the rakhi celebrations. Ganesh is also the deity that Indians worship before beginning any new work or getting into a new relationship.

2. Magnificent Ganesh Rakhi

A hexagonal strip in matte gold houses an artistic Ganesh in the center of the rakhi. The six sided shape is divided into four segments with each segment consisting of five light brown stones or six red stones. The tying thread is a thick cotton braid of red and gold which provides a refined look to the rakhi. If you are planning to send rakhi to India, and you like the auspicious theme of Ganesh, this is a perfect choice. The red and golden theme is one of the most accepted themes associated with the festival of rakhi.

3. Golden Ganesh Rakhi

An octagonal gold flower houses a symmetric clipart of Ganesh. It is embossed and surrounded by an octagonal flower. There are eight small stones embedded on the outer line. The tying thread of the rakhi is cotton mouli which represents the theme of protection, which is the basis of raksha bandhan. Send this divine rakhi for your brother in India to wish him good luck in all his endeavours.

4. Ekdanta Ganesh Rakhi

There are two distinctive features of the rakhi. The first one is the Ganesh in the yellow metal that gives an antique look and the second is a series of wooden beads and yellow metal drums that almost cover the entire length of the tying thread, which is bright red flowing cotton string. Send this charming rakhi to India for your brother. The series of beads will cover the entire wrist of your brother. The flowing red thread will stand out when tied to the wrist of your brother.

5. Ganesh Head Rakhi

A head of Lord Ganesha in yellow metal is the highlighting point of the rakhi. It is accompanied by wooden beads and a pair of rondelle white stones on each side of the head. The tying thread is braided for a small length after which it is open. The red tying thread is interlaced with golden strands. Send this celestial rakhi for your brother in India to wish him best in all his endeavours. This rakhi represents the tradition of raksha bandhan which considers Ganesh as an auspicious symbol.

6. Oval Om Ganesh Rakhi

An oval disc in the center of the rakhi is made of yellow metal. The outline of the disc is studded with topaz like stones and houses a symbol which is a composite of Om and Ganesh. The background of the symbol is a striking red resin. The tying thread of the rakhi is an open red cotton string. If you plan to send a simple auspicious rakhi to India then this would be appropriate as the symbols of Om and Ganesh represent the concept of prosperity and progress.

If your brother is enterprising and wants to achieve a lot in life, you could send rakhi to India from USA for him as a token of good luck. It will bring in fortune and make sure that his path is free from obstacles.