Top 6 Best cat food online at best price in India.

If you are a cat owner, one of the most important things you need to worry about is their diet. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they require animal-based proteins for survival. This means that kibble or dry food is not a good option for them, and in fact can be quite harmful.  So what’s the best cat food to give your furry friend? Check out our top 6 picks below! All of these foods are available online at the best prices in India.

Best cat food brands.

Sr. No.Product nameDescription
1.Whiskas Kitten FoodWhiskas is the best cat food brand in India. It offers numerous flavours of kitten food, but this dry seafood flavoured kibble is worth noticing. The chow provides a complete and balanced diet to energetic kittens. Loaded with the goodness of wholegrain cereals and poultry products, this kibble contains a natural ocean fish flavour that quickly attracts kitties.
2.Drools Dry Cat FoodMade with real ocean fish, this dry cat food offers complete nutrition and energy to the cats. It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals for your cat’s growth. One of the best cat food with probiotic and natural fibres, it enhances digestion and bowel movement. This cat food can also makes fur lustrous and healthy while preventing hairball formation.
3.Meat Up Kitten FoodThis is one of the best kitten food available in the market. Made with premium quality ingredients, it contains mackerel and sardine fish, a rich source of proteins essential for the kitten’s growth. This crunchy kibble also ensures the complete health and development of your cat. It protects kittens from developing hairballs, makes their coat and skin healthy, controls urinary pH, and ensures heart health and sharp eyesight.
4.Me-O Cat Food TunaOne of the best cat food brands, Me-O cat food, comes in Tuna flavour and is rich in ingredients like taurine, which helps in the proper functioning of the eyes. Its low sodium formula reduces the risk of high blood pressure and cardiac diseases. This kitten kibble can also boost your feline’s immunity and strengthen teeth and bones, thanks to its vitamin C and D content.


  1. Which is the best place to order cat food online?

There are many retail sites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can also visit the website of your prefered products.

  1. Is it cheaper to buy cat food online?

It is definitely cheaper to buy cat food online as you can come across discounts and offers for buying online and cashless.

  1. Which is Good, Dry Cat  food or Wet cat food?

Intake of certain types of food depends on the age and breed of your cat. Whereas  dry and wet food are both available for all ages and weights as well as breeds but dry food is mostly recommended for older and bigger cats.

  1. How do I choose healthy cat food?

To know what suits your cat the best, you have to test a few products and observe if they work and are suitable for your cat or not. It is highly recommended to consult a vet.

  1. What cat foods should I avoid?

Cats need fats and carbs which may be unhealthy for humans but are vital for the cats. Food with a good amount of fats will do wonders for your pet. Foods that contain meat are healthier options for your pet.