Top 5 Tips on Choosing the Best Spirulina Concentrate Supplier

Food coloring has been used to give color to foods and beverages. There are two types of food pigments: natural and artificial food pigments. However, artificial food pigments are associated with a number of health complications. Therefore, natural food pigment is preferred. One of the most popular food pigments is spirulina concentrate, which is extracted from Spirulina Platensis. This blue liquid has many proven health benefits. Most consumers fail to choose a reliable spirulina concentrate supplier and end up with poor pigment. In this article, I have listed the top 5 tips on choosing the best spirulina concentrate supplier. 

The development prospect of spirulina concentrate

Spirulina is a cyanobacterium that has been used as a safe, functional food for a long time. When the algae’s health advantages and coloring properties were identified, scientists began producing powdered and liquid forms for usage in a variety of applications, including food coloring, health care items, cosmetics, and agricultural products. Spirulina concentrate has grown in popularity over the years as a healthier alternative to harmful artificial food pigments. Today, spirulina liquid concentrate is produced on a huge scale. There are, however, a plethora of manufacturers. Finding the best spirulina concentrate supplier might be difficult, but don’t worry, here are the top 5 tips to help you identify the ideal spirulina concentrate supplier.

Top 5 tips on choosing the best spirulina concentrate supplier


The first thing you should keep in mind while choosing a spirulina concentrate supplier is the experience. It is said that experience has no substitute. Experience is the first parameter through which a person or a company can be gauged. The spirulina concentrate that you will be choosing should have years of experience in the industry. More than 5 years of experience is recommended. 


The next tip is the cost-effectiveness of the products. You cannot afford to buy over-priced products. The company you choose should manufacture cost-effective spirulina liquid extracts. 

3.Product safety & high-quality

A product’s quality and safety should never be compromised. To keep a better eye on product quality, the company should implement a quality management system that guarantees the products produced satisfy the highest quality requirements. Furthermore, the product’s safety is also vital. Spirulina liquid extract should be safe to consume and contain no dangerous ingredients.

4.R&D capacity

Research and development are the backbones of any organization. R&D of a company gives the company an edge over its competitors by allowing it to produce novel products. In addition to that, the R&D capacity of a company guarantees employment growth, social welfare, creative solutions, and many more perks. So, it is always preferred to choose a company that has a high R&D capacity. 

5.Production capacity and delivery speed

The last piece of advice I have for you in your quest for the finest spirulina concentrate provider is to keep an eye on the supplier’s manufacturing capacity and delivery speed. You can’t afford to acquire things from a supplier who takes weeks to supply and has a very small production capacity. Always choose a provider with a large manufacturing capacity and a fast delivery time.

Binmei spirulina concentrate 

You’ve come to the correct place, which is great. Binmei is, in fact, your best source for spirulina liquid extract. The Binmei spirulina concentrate might be justified for a variety of reasons. Protein, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, antioxidants, and other nutrients are abundant in the concentrate they manufacture. Furthermore, the liquid has a distinct perfume that enhances the flavor of food and beverages. There are also the following benefits:

  1. Various applications, such as in food fields, health care products, cosmetic field, and agricultural field 
  2. Binmei holds multiple certifications, including FDA Food Facility Registration, Halal certificate, and Kosher certificate, to name a few.
  3. Delivery time of only 3-5 days
  4. High technology that can produce spirulina extract on a large scale 
  5. Binmei has established a quality management system. It can be traced quickly from raw material breeding to terminal consumers. 
  6. Binmei produces products that meet the highest quality standards.

Binmei is one of the leading spirulina concentrate suppliers. They have a reliable supply chain. Binmei delivers high-quality products to every corner of the globe. So what are you waiting for? Contact Binmei today and place your order.