Top 5 summer maintenance tips for your Audi

With the sweltering temperatures we’ve seen in the past couple of weeks, it’s safe to assume that summer is in full swing. 

With the sunshine comes some essential Audi maintenance tasks – and we’re not just talking about checking the AC is working properly.

Whether you’re road-tripping to the beach or are the designated driver to and from the beer garden, some things shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to maintaining your Audi.

In this post, the Audi specialists at CJ Auto Service share five essential summer maintenance tips to see you through the season.

Keep an eye on your tyre pressure

Temperature fluctuations, hot road surfaces, and increased drive times can all have a huge impact on the integrity of your tyres.

In the morning before you head out for the day, be sure to check your tyre pressure and make any adjustments if needs be. As a general rule of thumb, tyre pressure should be between 32-36 PSI, but you can find the exact settings for your model in your user manual.

Don’t delay oil and filter changes

Clean oil and filters are key to keeping your Audi in good shape during the summer – so it’s important you make sure to have them changed by a professional.

Our Audi specialists would be more than happy to take care of this for you, as we know the exact oil type for your car.

Check your brakes

Stop-and-go driving, especially in the heat, puts your brakes through a lot.

Nothing is more important than being able to bring your vehicle to a safe stop, so making sure that they’re in full working order is non-negotiable.

If they’re making strange noises or you feel any strange sensations, take them to be tested by a professional as soon as possible.

Don’t forget about your wipers

The UK is no stranger to downpours during the summer, so don’t give up on your windscreen wipers just yet.

If you haven’t had them replaced since Winter (or before), now is the time to do so – as they may have developed cracks and tears during the colder months. Causing squeaking, smearing and streaking, which isn’t just extremely annoying, but extremely unsafe as it reduces your visibility. 

Take your car for a summer service

Taking your car for a summer service is one of the best ways to make sur your car is in safe, roadworthy condition ready for your adventures.

During a summer car service, a mechanic will check four key components, including:

  • Battery health
  • The condition of your windscreen
  • The condition of your wiper blades
  • Your headlights and brake lights

By taking your Audi for a summer service, you’ll be able to avoid breakdowns, prepare for the British weather and get your vehicle MOT ready. It’s a no brainer!

Need an Audi specialist in Warrington?

If you’re looking for more Audi maintenance tips or you’ve got a problem with your car and are looking for an Audi specialist in Warrington – the team over at CJ Auto would be more than happy to help.

With decades of experience in the industry, their team are well-placed to deal with any Audi issue you bring to the table and are dedicated to helping you get back on the roads as soon as possible.For further guidance, or to book your next service, get in touch with their team today!