Top 5 Penis Enlargement Exercise – Penis Workout You Need to Follow

Millions of men today think about male enhancement, or enlargement. However, they are not aware of the many processes to gain the upper hand. There are exercises that can be done to assist with enhancement, growth, and even long lasting sexual experience. Most men think a lot about sex, but only few of them think about the exercises that can help with enlargement, and penis enhancement. If you are one of them, take into consideration the following top 5 penis enlargement exercises. These are options that will guarantee to assist with penis enlargement enhancement and many more. They take a little time, but they are not radical in any way, and can be done naturally.  

Top 5 Penis Exercises to Consider – Natural Penis Enlargement Process

Before you start to explore the exercise, you need to understand why these work. The following options work to invigorate the cell walls of the penis. By doing that, it helps with blood flow and precision erectile dysfunction. The following helps with enlarging the cellular function of the penis, by stretching, and elongating the erection process. It’s natural, it does not cause any issue, and can be done within a short span of time. When you constantly enlarge the cellular wall of the penis, growth occurs, stronger erections happen, and you will see improvement overall. 

The Exercises


The first major exercise is that of the kegel. This is an option that strengthens the pelvic muscles, and that is essential to controlling erections, and even helps with lasting longer in bed. Control over these muscles could also allow for delayed ejaculation, lasting a great deal longer, and of course stronger erections overall. 

In order to do this, you will need to urinate. During the process, stop midstream for 3 seconds, and tighten the kegel muscles. After approximately 3 seconds, let it go and urinate again. You will want to repeat this process for a set of 10. You will want to do this daily, up to 3 times a day, and continue to do so, as it will only help your progress and sustain the results. 


Now, this option is going to sound off to some, but masturbation helps with a lot of different areas of sexual health. In the process of lasting longer, and male enhancement, the goal is to masturbate slowly, and stretch the penis and the cellular wall. However, it is not to climax. You can’t  climax for this exercise to work well. 

The goal is to stretch, and to allow the blood flow to sustain in the erection, and that is helped by the process of masturbation, however climaxing will diminish the blood flow. Practicing this option will help with longevity, premature ejaculation, and much more. Over the time, you will be able to control climax and erections and get much more enhancement sexually. 

Penis Pumps

Focusing on the penis and muscles that are attached, you will want to look into purchasing and using a penis pump. Automatic Penis Pumps can help with elongating the penis, stretching the cellular wall, and controlling erection longer. The key to these is to slowly engage them, and not overdo it. Some individuals have over done it, and caused damage to the penis wall. This is not magic or something else that is going to change overnight. It takes a little time and with time it will show results. The Zen Hanger Penis Pump pulls out air within a chamber which will elongate and sustain an erection. Used in conjunction with a penis ring, this could allow for extra time in the bedroom as well as enlargement overall. There are two options in Zen Hanger Automatic Penis Pump i.e. standard penis pump and XL penis pump, explore it. 


One of the best exercises for penis enlargement is the Jelqing Exercise. This is an option that some people confuse with Masturbation, but it is not the same. This option requires you to slowly stretch the penile tissue from the base to the tip, slowly. You will want to use ZH Aloe Vera Gel to allow for easier movements, or perhaps a penis gel for lubrication. 

To Jelq, you will need to make an “OK” sign with your hand and then place it around the base of the penis. Then move upwards towards the tip, applying just a small amount of pressure. Your goal is to stretch the glands and get them used to movement, but this is not for masturbation. You will need to do this at least 4 minutes in each session and upwards of 3 times a day. Results from this could occur within a week or two, but require concentration. Again, this is not masturbation, and requires a steady hand and focus. 


Another option that works well with a good lubricant is that of massage. The goal again is to stretch the penile tissue and skin. You want to desensitize the penile tissue so that when going forward with intercourse you can sustain a stronger erection and delay climax. This is an option that again is not masturbation but rather massage. You will want to massage from the base to the tip, Stretching the penis slightly but again this is not masturbation. You will need a lubricant and your hands to gently massage and stretch. Do not rush to climax and take this low

You could also utilize different devices from Zen Hanger which helps with the stretching of the tissue of the penis. This will assist in enlargement and help with stronger and long-lasting elections. 

Conclusion on the top five penis enlargement exercises

By using the above methods, enlargement and enhancement of the penis as possible. It is important to remember that these take a little time to work through and they are not meant to be quick fixes. Yes, results can start soon but as soon as you start seeing results, you will need to continue and keep at it. 

It’s important to also understand that results will vary from person to person. Do not give up if you don’t see results immediately. This is not something that happens overnight but rather takes a little bit of dedication. Male enhancement is possible naturally and can be done with the above-mentioned exercises and methods. For more detailed information about the penis enlargement devices or techniques visit the website