Top 5 online entertainment platforms for students

Online entertainment platforms give you a blend of variety and choice. Unlike the traditional television, you do not have to wait for other programs to end for you to watch your favorite. Use your remote to flip through the programs on the list and watch your favorite. 

Online entertainment platforms also allow you to watch their content on the phone. You do not have to rush home to catch your favorite show or wait for a repeat because you were traveling. Here are some of the best online entertainment platforms for students. 

  1. YouTube 

YouTube is a free-for-all platform. It allows content producers to upload any type of video from music to movies and educational content. This is the place to look for raw entertainment content as opposed to regulated programs. Can someone help me do my paper while I relax and watch my favorite program online? Online writing services offer professional homework help in all disciplines, leaving you with more free time to focus on your passion. 

YouTube is accessible over the phone, on digital televisions, and over computers. It is free of charge and allows you to choose your content at whichever time you wish to watch it. It has AI technology to help you choose similar content by the same producers or in a particular category. It has a wide variety of content to keep you entertained for hours. 

  1. Netflix

Netflix remains one of the top video streaming platforms. It has more than 200 million subscribers and its content is available in multiple languages. Netflix is available on digital television, computers, and mobile phones. This allows you to stream your content wherever you want to be entertained. 

Content on Netflix is controlled by editors. To offer value to the subscribers, Netflix only engages the best production houses and actors. The content on Netflix ranges from movies to documentaries, music, and skits. You can choose a different package among basic, standard, and premium to suit your budget. Netflix is ad-free, unlike other free internet platforms. 

  1. Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video also ranks among the most popular streaming platforms online. It has accumulated more than 150 million subscribers since its inception in 2005. It offers incredible quality original content that is also blended with videos from other sources. The platform also allows you to rent or buy movies that you would like to watch from other sources. 

As a subscriber, you can download the content to watch later. It has a modest subscription of $12.99 per month. Since you only pay for the channels you want, you can customize your entertainment on Amazon Prime Video. 

  1. Disney +

Content on Disney is original and produced by such world-class brands as Pixar, Disney, 20th Century Fox, and National Geographic, among others. You can download the content to view later when offline. You also get personalized recommendations based on your frequent content. 

Disney + offers some of the classic movies and documentaries you will not find anywhere else. It also has some of the most educative content that you can use for your classwork. Since it is accessible on phone, you can continue learning while you travel. 

  1. Hulu 

Do you want to watch the highest-rated programs around the world? Hulu is the place to be. The platform has attracted more than 130 million subscribers. It features shows, movies, and documentaries that have captured global attention. With a free trial period, you have all the reasons to decide whether to make your subscription. 

Video streaming sites online provide personalized entertainment. They allow you to relax and enjoy some of the best content wherever you will be. Pick a platform that also includes educational content to help you learn engagingly, therefore, enhancing your grades.