Top 5 Most Lucrative Niches on Instagram

Time has really changed now you don’t necessarily need to start a business to earn money on Instagram. You can kickstart your career just by creating an Instagram.

It may be hard to believe, but there’re many users who are earning a handsome amount of revenue. The ocean of Instagram is filled with opportunity and once you step into this world, everything will become obvious to you.

All you need is to choose a profitable theme/niche which suits your personality and build a passionate community around you. But, it will take many months of patience and hard work to create a loyal fan-base, right? Don’t worry, you can Buy Instagram Followers for giving instant exposure to your account.

Choosing and working on a particular niche is far better than working aimlessly. Brands and businesses always prefer most-relevant Influencer. Here are some of the top-niches whose trend will not fade away in the coming years.

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness has grown into a multi-trillion industry, equally valuable from all across the world. Each day, any brand or business start getting digitalized by realizing the importance of the online world. Instagram is a perfect place for such brands and Influencer marketing is a great way to start generating the sales and leads.

If you’re a gym freak or fitness enthusiast, then you can start uploading your workout videos on Instagram. Many trainers are available on Instagram, and some of them even acquire Millions of followers. Giving this niche a considerable amount of time can lead you to start making money.


In our daily routine, we might come across any skin issues, or wish to look better on any occasion. For that, you may follow any model who shares beauty or makeup tips. Particularly, followers are strongly connected with such Influencer and this engaging audience, help them get the sponsors.

Instagram is heaven for models and many unknown faces got much reputation just due to their active-profile. And now they’re earning livelihood just by posting sponsored content.

It doesn’t require any effort, rather it is an ultimate fun source. As you’ll enjoy fame and It will help you generate money.

Kylie Jenner is one of the most-followed Instagram celebrity paid in millions for just adding the branded hashtags. Reaching that peak isn’t possible for everyone, but numerous another example who’s make it their permanent source of income.


I don’t know any person who dislikes exploring the world and visiting beautiful places. Similarly, travelling is another profitable niche, having numerous Influencers. With tourism, there’re many industries are linked, since it gets even more diversified.

A person who can’t afford to visit different corners of the world or busy in their life, always loves to watch such videos or vlogs. Therefore, travel vlogging has become a fascinated niche.

An Influencer who actively share such content can possibly get the sponsors with travel-related brands. But, firstly you need to get traction of a massive audience and make them stick to your content.


Are you running a successful business? Do you know tips to help others succeed in their business? Are you passionate about teaching people new things? You have also chance to grow your business with BuyFollowersSingapore and build a strong business presence on instagram.

Regardless of the exchange rate, people want to know if there is a way to make extra money. One of the great things about being a corporate influencer is that you don’t have to own a Fortune 500 company. All you have to do is have information that will help people who have not yet come to your location and teach them that information.


Fashion is one of the most-loved niches and everybody want to keep themselves updated with fashion. The key to being successful in the fashion category is to know exactly what distinguishes you from the rest. Maybe you’re just focusing on vegan-friendly brands. Maybe you buy cheap clothes and work on them to create rich fashion designs.

You don’t have to limit yourself to stereotypes to be a successful fashion influencer. Let your curls speak, show off your natural hair, or proudly present whatever you love about yourself. Attract the attention of people who love yourself and share your ideas.


Which of these 5 lucrative niches at Instagram, you will choose? Or you already posting in one of these categories? How much does it help you make money on Instagram? Our team and readers are waiting for your experiences.