Top 5 Factors to Consider When Picking Business Coaches

Are you struggling to get your business out of a slump? Or perhaps you can’t figure out how to take your business to the next level?

It might look like you’ve tried to shake everything you can shake, but there is something you haven’t tried. You haven’t hired a business coach!

Way too many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t give much thought to the benefits of hiring a business coach, often until it’s too late. If you’ve already decided to get a coach, that’s a smart move.

But you need help picking business coaches so that you’re sure you’re getting someone who suits you and your business.

Read on for a brief guide.

Figure Out Your Needs

Business coaches aren’t jacks of all trades. They usually specialize in a specific business field, just like a sports coach would specialize in basketball, soccer, or another sport. If you find a business coach who doesn’t specialize, look the other way!

So, to find out the right business, you need to know your needs.

Even if it looks like every aspect of your business needs help, that’s no reason to hire a generalist. Break down those needs in order of priority.

For example, you might find that your most pressing need is marketing, specifically marketing on the web. In this case, you need a digital marketing coach.

Or it could be that you’re unable to keep business finances under control. You need a business finance coach. Or you’re looking for someone to help your employees become better, in which case you’ll hire a team coach.

Level of Expertise

A coach is a professional who has vast experience and advanced expertise in a certain field.

However, since the profession or industry of business coaches isn’t regulated, nothing really stops any person from calling themselves a business coach. This is why you need to consider the level of expertise a coach has before you think of hiring them.

There’s no specific level of expertise that you should look for, but, generally, the person needs to be vastly experienced and well-trained in that area.

A digital marketing coach, for instance, should be able to demonstrate that they’re experienced marketers. Look at the number of years they have worked in digital marketing, their business coaching experience, as well as the highest level of education/training they have.

You don’t want to get advice from a person who has an associate degree in marketing. But someone who has a graduate certificate in the same field will command your attention, right?

Soft Skills and Personal Attributes

The truth is you’ll find many skilled and experienced coaches in any business niche. How do you zero in on the best coach?

Soft skills and personal attributes should set coaches apart. Yes, every coach strives to be a better communicator, but there’s one whose communication will suit you better. Be keen on the note and tone you hit when you first meet for an interview.

You should be able to develop a positive interpersonal relationship with any coach you hire.

Picking Business Coaches Shouldn’t Be Hard

When you’re picking business coaches, ensure you have a good understanding of your needs. It pays to look at their professional expertise and business coaching experience, as well as their soft skills and personal attributes. Do this and you’ll quickly find the right coach.

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