Top 5 Conveyors that are Safest to Use

A conveyor is a piece of mechanical equipment moving materials from one location to another. Conveyors are used in many industries, including food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, mining, and construction. 

They come in many different types, but all work on the same principle. As one material passes through a tube or channel down to another area, the material turns into a different substance as it travels through. A conveyor uses a belt, a flat metal surface that runs on rollers or rotates around its axis to move materials or finished products from one point to another.

Conveyors are usually made of steel and other metals such as aluminum or aluminum oxide with high strength-to-weight ratios (the better the ratio, the more efficient it will be). They can be used for specific tasks such as moving goods on factory floors or transporting large amounts of raw materials through a mine shaft.

When buying conveyors, it is essential to consider the safety of employees and the materials or final products being transported through the systems. This article will give you an insight into the top five conveyors that are safe to use in nearly all industries. So, let’s get started!

1. The Hytrol Model TA

The Hytrol Model TA is an excellent choice for any food production facility. This machine has several safety features, including:

  • Automatic shutdown system that shuts down the machine if anything goes wrong.
  • Environmental protection system prevents dust from entering the machine when it comes into contact with high temperatures.

This conveyor costs $11995 per unit and offers free shipping on all orders over $2500!

This machine has an industrial-grade steel frame and a stainless steel mesh belt. The machine can be set up to process up to 300,500 pounds of material per hour with adjustable speed control which allows users to adjust the conveyor’s speed based on their needs. 

This machine has been specially designed for use in food processing facilities where hygiene is paramount. The design of a conveyor belt plays an essential role in its noise emission or functionality. You can click on the link to check other specially designed conveyors.

2. Omni Metalcraft Mower Belt Conveyor

Omni Metalcraft Power Belt Conveyor is a conveyor that utilizes a power belt to move material in the metal industry. This conveyor uses high-powered motors and pneumatics to move metal products through the system at up to 5,000 feet per minute. 

The metal products are transported via a series of belts and rollers, which allow for precise control over the product flow rate. The Omni Metalcraft Power Belt Conveyor can be used for both continuous and batch operations with high production rates and low downtime due to its automated process control system (APS).

This model also has an automatic cleaning cycle that ensures maximum uptime by eliminating dirt build-up on all parts within its interior surface area before it reaches your finished product or product mixers (which would otherwise stop working). 

It’s ideal for any industry requiring large quantities of raw material from suppliers who may not have been around forever, so don’t let this go unnoticed!

The Omni Metalcraft Power Belt Conveyor is used in the food, metal, automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, and medical industries. I

3. Flexlink Automated Conveyor Systems

Flexlink is a company that makes conveyors. They have been in business since 2002 and made a unique name for themselves as one of the best conveyor manufacturers in the industry. This is your best bet if you’re looking for a safe and reliable conveyor system!

Flexlink has three main types of automated systems:

  • The AB Standard System (ABSS)
  • The Flexline Automated Conveyor Systems (FLACS)

The AB Standard System (ABSS) Flexlink’s AB standard system is designed with a wide range of belt widths and lengths. 

Flexlink’s Flexline Automated Conveyor Systems (FLACS) is also designed with a wide range of belt widths and lengths. Both systems can be used in any industry and are affordable with various options for storage, control, and conveying.

4. The Rapistan Roller Conveyor

The Rapistan Roller Conveyor is a roller conveyor. It is a belt conveyor, roller conveyor, and chain conveyor.

It’s also known as an endless loop system or simply an endless loop because it has no stopping point on its path; the feed rolls move continuously back and forth while stored material follows them.

Rapistan Roller Conveyor is designed to provide an efficient and safe way for workers to transport large boxes or bulky items from one location inside a warehouse, shop, or factory.

5. Dorner Conveyors

Dorner conveyors are the safest on the market and have various safety features. They are the best choice for industrial applications, as they offer durability and versatility that other brands don’t.

Dorner conveyors can be used in any application where there is a need to move materials safely through a system. They’re trendy among food production companies, which rely on them when transporting food products from one location to another.


Conveyors are essential equipment that nearly all companies and large businesses that involve moving bulky goods from point to point should have. They make work easy and save on time and labor costs, especially if human labor is used to move the items from the production point to the storage point. Conveyors are also a safe way of handling dangerous goods like chemicals that would otherwise harm employees if handled using hands.  

So, if you are looking at getting the best conveyors with high safety features, then you should consider the conveyors mentioned above.