Wondering what field would suit your profile the best after an MBA?

As per the emerging trends, the market has evolved to an extent where what we thought of an MBA a few years back is not the same today in 2021.

The evolution has led to new job profiles that could not only diversify your knowledge but also pay you a better package than what you had expected before your CAT preparation.

A Career in Business Analytics may sound the best when it comes to answering the question of “where do you see yourself in 5 years”. Make your answer sound like a plan that may give you a better result in future.

  • Business Data Analytics:
    This is a practice by which a specific set of procedures and techniques are applied to perform iteration, continuous exploration and investigation of the data with the help of the current and past performance. Its primary purpose is to obtain the insights of a business that could help in better decision making, planning and implementing the plan.
  • Programme Managers:

In order to increase efficiency and make better decisions for the organization’s performance, this may sound similar to a project manager, but in simple words, a programme manager is responsible for decisions in the long run, whereas a project manager may only handle a particular project and maybe solely accountable for it.

For Example, Selling smartphones in a small town will be the project, and the total sales of that specific Phone are the programme as the sales in a particular city will end within a short span of time, but selling a particular phone will continue here. Where the Phone is a Programme and selling it in the town is a project.

  • Product Managers:

Identifying the needs of a customer plays a vital role in making your product a success. As the market trends change from time to time, knowing the current taste of the customer for a particular time period can help an organization make better sales.

For Example, we have noticed the prices of a specific colour of a product going higher than the other one. This is because of the fundamental law of demand, and more demand would lead to higher profits and create a successful product.

  • Marketing Managers:

Selecting the way to market your product where you have to invest the least and get the best output must be analyzed and implemented by entities. The best platform for development may differ from the other, depending on the people willing to buy a product from that source.

Strategizing the marketing techniques can vary, keeping a few factors in mind like age, place, gender, and Affordability have to be kept in mind. For Example, we would not like a mosquito repellent advertisement on a food ordering app or a pop-up ad of a hospital right before you book your cab in the morning. Selecting the right platform for your product is essential. This is where a marketing manager helps an organization to succeed.

  • Human Resource Manager:

Human Resource plays a crucial part in implementing plans. Acquiring the right talent for your organization that will meet the requirement of expertise that an organization might require.

This is further bifurcated into three parts: Staffing, Payrolling and talent acquisition. Each is playing a different role, helping the smooth organization functioning and getting the task done on time can be said to be a part of this profession.

These Professions have a broader scope when compared with the professions that organizations used to hire a few years back.

Adequate research and guidance by professionals will help you learn better about these job roles. For a successful career path and making the best use out of your degree, knowing the possible options is something that people lack, which leads them to a job they might quit in a short period.

Get yourself your dream job right after you complete your degree. While selecting someone who could help you with the Business Analyst Course in Delhi, keeping the above-given points in mind will help you explore the career options after you have completed your MBA.


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