Top 4 VOD Platform Providers for 2022

The Video on demand (VOD) industry is on the rise. A huge number of people nowadays prefer watching content online when and wherever they desire. This led to the development of more VOD platforms. Publishers are now looking out for the best VOD platform to reach an ever-growing audience across several devices. However, not all VOD platforms are equal and have the same features, so you need to find out the best among the VOD platforms present in the marketplace. In this blog, we will review the top 4 VOD platforms for 2022 and before we dive deep into the topic, we will go through what the VOD platform is and how it works?

What is a VOD platform?

VOD or Video-on-Demand is a method of accessing content online from video libraries without the need of any traditional player and a VOD platform helps publishers deliver video content to their audience as pre-recorded, streamed content. Some of the prime examples of video on-demand services are Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. An audience can select a video from your online content catalog through a website, mobile application, or connected TV.

VOD platforms are a place to host your videos for uses like:

  • Sharing your artistic output with the world
  • Monetizing your videos as well as building an online video business
  • Marketing your brand to your existing and potential consumers
  • Getting your brand message across to your team

How does VOD work?

Video on demand (VOD) works by allowing end-users what they want to watch at any given time over the internet. It provides flexibility to watch their preferred contents anytime and anywhere. VOD can be streamed with several distribution methods; however, online VOD streaming is offered through OTT Technology. Here, a series of streaming protocols compress and decompress files so that they can be streamed over the internet. It is not limited to the media and entertainment industry, many businesses and educational organizations can also use this method to train their employees, market their products, provide online classes and many more. VOD is not live to stream as the content is pre-recorded while live streams capture and deliver content filmed in real-time.

Top 4 VOD Platform providers in 2022

We have listed the top 4 VOD platform providers that will help you choose the best that suits your business needs. The most vital thing to keep in mind when choosing a VOD hosting platform is looking out for all the alternatives side-by-side, which will be easier for you to review their features and offerings.


Muvi is an all-inclusive video streaming solution with both VOD hosting and live streaming setup functions. It allows you to launch multi-device OTT streaming and video streaming OTT platform, offering Video-on-demand, live streaming, Monetizations, CDN, DRM and many more! It includes everything and is fully managed, end-to-end, all controlled from a single CMS and doesn’t need coding or an IT team to broadcast. It is the best VOD platform for several enterprise businesses and other professional organizations. Take a free trial today and find out how it can help your business.


Dacast is a unified VOD streaming solution with both VOD hosting and live streaming setup functions. It provides a variety of advanced online video hosting features. These cutting-edge features include video monetization, top-notch security, video API global video delivery, and top-tier video delivery.


VPlayed is a VOD streaming platform from Contus that provides solutions for broadcasters in each industry. This platform trades plans that are custom-priced to suit each user’s requirements.  VPlayed is a VOD streaming service that provides you with the monetization alternatives you need.


Uscreen is a VOD streaming platform that is also powered by OTT technology. It is integrated with all of the tools that broadcasters require to host and deliver professional-grade video content. Uscreen is mainly utilized for educational content, whether it be training videos for enterprises or online courses for schools.


There are several VOD hosting platforms present in the market today, but these VOD platform providers differ in the perspective of feature and pricing. Think about your target audience and what type of content you want to deliver to them and accordingly choose a platform that can meet your broadcasting needs. If you are considering using an Enterprise Ready VOD hosting solution with all the latest features the industry has to offer, then consider opting for MUVI. Muvi is known for developing fully customizable robust streaming platforms with multi-currency payment gateway integration options. Try out our 14-days free trial to check out all the features yourself.