Top 4 Vegetarian Restaurants in Johor Bahru

All vegetarian travelers out there: Have you been looking for Johor Bahru vegetarian restaurants for a while? You’re in the right place if you answered yes to these questions! We’ve collected the top 11 vegetarian restaurants in Johor Bahru for meat-lovers.

You will find it easier to find vegetarian food in Johor if you’ve read this article. Johor Bahru is home to many delicious vegetarian dishes. You can find everything from Indian, Malay, and Chinese cuisines at these vegetarian restaurants. Keep this page bookmarked and enjoy the vegetarian cuisines below while you’re on your next Johor Bahru trip!

1. Fulin Xuan Vegetarian Food Restaurant

Fulin Xuan, a healthy vegetarian restaurant, is a must-visit if you’re at Taman Sentosa. It is a wonderful place to have a family meal because of its cozy, yet Chinese atmosphere. Vegetarian Curry is their signature dish. It offers a unique Indian flavor. It is also different than regular curry because it doesn’t use coconut milk or milk.

Don’t forget to order the Vegetarian Otak Otak. It’s soft and not too dry. It has a crispy exterior that adds to its delicious taste. “Iron Plater Tou Fu”, has been voted the most popular dish by customers. The egg scent Tou Fu, paired with the delicious chicken sauce will make you want more. They will delight you with delicious, chewy eggplants if you love eggplants. To enhance the flavor, a little curry powder is used.

2. Image Cooker

Image Cooker offers western vegetarian dishes in a rustic, artistic setting. The cafe has many corners that are perfect for taking an Instagram photo. Their Vegetarian Spaghetti is a delicious choice. It’s cooked in vegetable oil and stuffed with mushrooms and olives. Their Cheese Baked Rice is also available, which comes with a generous amount of cheese.

The Tom Yam Pizza is the best! Mashed potatoes are used to make the crust, which is then baked in the oven. This amazing pizza is then made with different fillings. One of the best is their Big Nash Double-layered Pie Burger. The burger patty is made with konjac, which doesn’t taste like mock meat. It tastes just like a regular burgers.

3. Kee Lin Vegetarian Food

This exceptional Chinese vegetarian restaurant offers almost all the Chinese dishes you would like. You can choose from either separate or combination meals. They did an amazing job decorating the dish.

They also serve BiBimbap, a Korean dish that tastes amazing! The restaurant is open on Chinese New Year and offers vegetarian curry. Ask the staff for recommendations if you are unsure what dish to order.

4. Vege Coffee

Vege Coffee is a place where you can enjoy delicious coffee and decent western vegetarian meals. It’s also a great place to meet friends. Vege Coffee serves Thai-style dishes and Vietnamese snacks as Asian cuisine. For breakfast, you can choose from a “Big Breakfast”, which is an American Breakfast. Vegetable Pork is also available here.

After your meal, you can also enjoy desserts such as cakes or ice-cream. Durian Ice-Cream Cupcake is a popular dessert that durian lovers love. They also offer Chrysanthemum tea and Luo Han Guo, which can be ordered either hot or chilled. You can request that eggs be removed from your plate if you don’t eat eggs.

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