Top 4 Most Stylish Female Characters From The ‘90s

The ’90s are considered to be the most amazing time for a lot of reasons. Apart from introducing pop culture and dance moves, the decade was full of aspirations and style.

It was the ideal time to fit and match with the beauty of the world and gave its women or young girls amazing fashion sense through quoting fashion in TV shows such as Girl Talk which started the trend of loose-fitting apparel and  In addition to the continuous stream of style icons, the ‘90s shows had the most amazing characters that every girl wanted to be.

Here are 10 of those characters that every girl loved as they were her best friends and wanted to be like them.

Vivian Ward

Vivian was played by Julia Roberts in Pretty women but people like to know him by the name of Vivian. You were probably young when this character came on-screen with her own styling senses and everyone loved her amazing closet makeover.

We can’t get enough of those mini dresses, powers suits, sun hats, and cropped shirts. Though this fashion was introduced at that time, it still resonates more than a decade on. Mini shirts and a crop top with metal ring, this style is the epitome of having true fashion fun.

Rachel Green

Rachel green’s character was played by Jennifer Aniston in the most successful and famous Sitcom Friends. This character pretty much looked fabulous and stunning in every outfit from nap wear and pajama sets and all her cute mini dresses.

She was a true fashion icon, a girl who loved to shop and every girl wanted to be like her more than anything. Apart from her dressing style, her haircut created buzz and became the most wanted haircut of her time.

This character was like a buzz thing and People still her outfits designs on the internet either by the name of Rachel green or Jennifer’s photos to spark their look resembling the most stylish look of the ‘90s.

Fran Fine

Frame Fine was played by Fran Drescher in the TV series named Nanny. She was loved to be the lady in red when everyone was wearing tan-colored dresses. Before there was Rachel green on the top of the show, this character completely tore down the fashion scene.

Throughout the seasons, the classic colors, red, white, and black were so common that they made the signature look for the ‘90s fashion girls. In addition to the classic outfits, this character carried everything in a most stylish way even its a lazy bathrobe, a furry coat, or neon-colored styles, she carried everything perfectly. 

Serena Van Der Woodsen

This character was played by Blake Lively in Gossip Girl. In addition to the interesting juicy gossips, the only thing that was more fascinating was the glimpse of the character’s outfits. There are plenty of great looks she carried from cut-out dresses to wearing coats paired with flats. She painted the gorgeous and classic Serena look with super casual items and still made a huge buzz in the fashion world.