Top 3 tips to getting back at sex after a long hiatus

One of the reasons you should explore your sexuality and have as much sex as possible while you are still young is because it reduces as you age. The older you get, the less enjoyable sex becomes, especially when you get to some certain age, it just drops. It starts with your libido going into hibernation more often, and then sex becomes less frequent and less enjoyable before it stops. 

There are, however, several reasons your sex life might go this way, and it’s worth noting that it differs from person to person depending on how well you manage yourself. Nonetheless, at some point, we would most likely prefer to romance our phones in bed than our partner when the age sets in. 

However, you should note that even in situations like this, you could still enjoy sex as much as possible. It is no news that sex is good not only for the relationship but also for our health. 

So, depending on whatever might be the cause of the hiatus, there are various proven ways of getting back at having sex. You should note that it could be quite stressful to jumpstart an intimacy that has been dormant for quite some time, but with the right solution, it becomes easier. Here are some tips you should have in your arsenal to achieve this. 

Introduce porn videos:

Contrary to what you already know, pornography is one of the best and most effective means of getting better sexually. Yes, it could be addictive, but that would depend on how you apply it and how much you can control the usage. Anything could be bastardized, and the same goes for porn. 

Using porn videos to jumpstart intimacy after a long hiatus is one of the most effective remedies you should first consider. For every porn content, there’s always a reason, a script, who knows, yours might be the same with that content, making it quite relatable. If you want to get better or enjoy sex once again after a long time, try watching porn first and see how it goes. 

Invite the toys:

If you see having a sex toy collection as being “too much”, you should change that narrative. There’s nothing like being “too much” sexually if your partner approves it. Yes, it’s been a long while since you last had sex, but you should know they’ve been several upgrades in the sex toys department. 

There are more than numerous sex toys that you can add to your collection to help spice things up. If you need a jolt, you can get the required spark from the appropriate sex toys. There’s almost no porn video that doesn’t feature at least one form of sex toy. In fact, unlike before when you might probably take a couple of minutes before getting your body ready for sex, with the right sex toy, you can have it in less than a minute. 

Prioritize your partner:

Most times, the main reason why you might have taken that long break from sex is because of work. Some relationships are such that they do not put their partner as a priority. Yes, it is important to work and get things done for the family, but it is also important that your partner is sexually satisfied. Going back to sex after a long break is somewhat stressful. So, make your partner a priority instead of going through all of these stresses. 

Ensure they are not just loved, they feel loved. Making your partner a priority means satisfying them in bed, irrespective of how hectic your day must have been (unless you reach a consensus). More than your work, your partner’s happiness, and comfort should be your priority if you want a healthy home. Pay attention to details of those things your partner enjoys and act accordingly. Help them understand that you always need them even when it comes to sex. Taking a break from sex could cause you to lose your libido if not properly managed. When the time comes, when you want to have sex, you don’t feel like it anymore. It could end such a relationship if both partners are unwilling to sort things out.