Excel spreadsheets and PDF files are two of the most essential and useful file formats for both work and study. Most people know that they use Excel spreadsheets to calculate data as well as to create numerical reports while PDF files are used for printing and sharing files. While these two file formats are not related in any way, there are instances when spreadsheets have to be made in an Excel format and then converted to PDF for purposes such as printing, sharing, and archiving.

There are many reasons to convert Excel to PDF, and these include Microsoft Excel as well as online file converters. But while both methods could perform the job effectively, there are benefits to using websites to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF that you’d never get on any other method. This article will list some of the advantages of using websites to convert Excel to PDF.

No Log-Ins, Downloads, or Account Creation Needed

It may not seem much of an advantage in using a website to convert XLS to PDF. And this is especially if you already have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. But if you do not have this software downloaded on your computer. Or if you do not have the time to do this, then you will enjoy this benefit. Many websites that convert Excel to PDF and other file formats do not require their users to sign up to an account, download any software on a mobile device or computer, or even pay for subscription fees before entering the website. As for Microsoft Excel, while you do not have to log in to a Microsoft account to access it, this software needs to be downloaded first on a computer or mobile device before you could use it.

It would mean that online file converters are more accessible compared to other software and apps designed to perform the same task. Aside from that, the process of converting Excel to PDF becomes easier and quicker since a vital step has been taken out of the procedure. You just have to load the website using any web browser on any mobile device or computer and you can instantly jump with the process.

Convert Excel to PDF on Any Device or Browser

Another advantage that many users will enjoy when using a website to convert Excel to PDF is that you can use them on any mobile device or any computer with a web browser, as mentioned previously. You might not enjoy this if you are in your home most of the time and you’ve got enough time to open your computer and your Microsoft Excel for this process. But what if you are outside, and you were asked to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file for your work or school? And what if you are far away from your computer that rushing to get home is not a viable option?

This is where websites that convert Excel to PDF come into play. Because most of these websites use cloud-based technology for the conversion process, they could be loaded on any web browser like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or even Safari for iOS and macOS devices on any mobile device or computer. Because of that, websites are a more accessible and quick option for converting Excel spreadsheets to PDF files compared to software like Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, Microsoft Excel is limited since it could mostly be used on Windows computers only. On the other hand, you just need to have an Internet connection and you may now use a website to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files, regardless of whether you are using a mobile device or computer to perform this process.

Safely and Securely Convert Files

For some people, converting any files using a website could be dangerous. And this is because of the dangers lurking around the Internet like viruses and other forms of malware. This fear is understandable. But know that you can safely and securely convert your Excel spreadsheets to PDF files using a website since they follow their own Privacy Policy to safeguard the data from their users during the conversion process. Furthermore, many websites also delete the Excel file after the conversion process and after a certain period of time has passed, usually an hour or less. With such measures, you don’t have to worry about hackers and cybercriminals using your file to insert any malware on your computer or mobile device.


People in both work and school settings widely use Excel spreadsheets and PDF files to perform certain tasks, such as printing spreadsheets as part of a document or calculating data. However, there are instances when it is not possible to use an Excel file due to its properties. Therefore, you would need to convert the file into PDF so that it could be used properly. Using a website like PDFBear to convert Excel to PDF has a lot of benefits since you can use it on any computer or mobile device with a web browser. You can also expect to convert files with websites securely and you don’t have to sign up or download any software before using a website like PDFBear to convert your Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file. With that being said, this website is best for you if you want to do it in a quick, safe, and easy way.


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