Top 3 different professions in digital marketing

Digital marketing is a field of activity in its own right, which has particularly developed in recent years. The Internet offers new ways to communicate, through images, videos, animations, posts, etc. It is both a science because you have to understand the mechanical and algorithmic functioning of the web, and at the same time an art because you have to grasp the essence of the internet, its movement, and its culture. And each profession within digital marketing requires varied and cross-functional skills. We have seen all kinds of marketing courses appear in higher education. It can be difficult to bring theory to practice and to realize the possibilities offered by the reality of our world. This is why we present our top 3 of the different professions in digital marketing.

Web Editor

The first digital marketing profession that we want to introduce is that of web editor. Many people do not know it, but behind this name hides much more than a simple writer using the web as a medium. If there were no web editors, most of the internet would be empty of content. You cannot imagine the number of articles written by web editors. Whenever you search for any topic, the likelihood that at least half of the results on page 1 of Google will be content produced by a web writer is considerable.

The web editor is the cement of digital marketing. Just look at an example of a digital marketing resume: web writing is a prerequisite. You have to know how to handle the subtle art of writing that appeals to Internet users and appeals to Google. You have to be informed about current events, know the codes of the web, have a good general culture, optimize your use of the computer, and above all, be passionate about writing. The web editor loves to write and seeks to produce content that appeals. He understands the needs of the target client and adapts his writing accordingly.

SEO manager

The web referrer or SEO consultant generally works with one or more web editors. If they produce the editorial content necessary to feed a website, the SEO manager is the one who gives it life. The missions of the SEO manager are essential to the success of a digital marketing campaign launched by a company:

  • Audit the website and its content to understand its positioning on search engines.
  • Establish, with precision, the natural referencing strategy adapted to the context.
  • Analyze the results produced by the strategy, following the evolution of the positioning of the website, its traffic, etc.

The SEO manager can also produce content, but it is preferable that the latter focuses on the SEO part of the site. His skills are multiple and can be acquired by different means: higher education, training, conferences, and even self-taught for the most motivated. You have to fully understand how search engines work and know how to tame them. Indeed, SEO is a fierce fight to make a website appear at the top of page 1 of Google, on a specific request.

The SEO manager will thus be called upon by companies to carry out audits. He can also work within a company and build its entire SEO strategy. He may also work as a freelancer for his own benefit.

Digital marketing manager

Finally, the digital marketing manager is the one who creates the communication strategy of a company on digital media, then applied by the community manager. Thus, the digital marketing manager must have increased knowledge of the techniques for a successful digital advertising campaign. He never stops thinking about the best marketing strategy that can be used on digital media. He therefore perfectly masters websites, blogs, and social networks… and knows how to use natural and paid referencing.

With the advent of social networks as the kingdom of the web, digital marketing managers must know them at their fingertips. Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are the most popular and used communication channels today. We’ve never seen such an effective way to achieve dazzling results in digital marketing before social media. So much so that today there is a profession, that of influencer, consisting solely of publishing content on social networks. A good digital marketing manager will be very aware of the advertising power that influencers have and will think about integrating a partnership with a well-known social media personality into their strategy.