Top 3 Best Cities For Business Migration In Australia

Migration is not only about the change of physical location, it’s about reshaping your whole life and starting anew. Maybe, it was the reason behind your plans to move: a desire to launch a new business in a new place with rich opportunities, or to find a thrilling job in an area where everything is new to you and inspires you to create. If this is the case, we congratulate you on the decision to move to Australia: the country provides limitless opportunities for launching and developing a business, and its cities regularly appear on the lists of the most convenient and business-conducive locations on the global scale.

To get you started, we offer the top 3 list of cities that you should consider first. Each of them has its unique advantages and offers a welcoming living environment and options for leisure. Definitely, the list can be much longer, but let’s start with the top places for launching and developing your own business.

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Sydney boasts a huge economy of its own that can compare in scale to economies of smaller states like Singapore or Hong Kong. The city alone produces the output of $306 billion in goods and services annually. As you’ll see, although Sydney is not the capital of Australia (surprise!), its economic importance is impossible to overestimate.

If you have ever heard of the City of London, then you’ll know what is meant by the Central Business District (CBD) of Sydney. It is the huge business and finance district that never sleeps, like a hi-tech heart tirelessly pumping streams of money and commodities exported and imported by Australia. Sydney Stock Exchange is one of the key exchanges that set trends in global currency and stocks trading. 

Along with the booming financial sector, Sydney is a big knowledge-jobs hub, including professional services, media, and telecommunication. Medical services and specialized healthcare are other areas that make Sydney highly competitive globally. Manufacturing was one more specialty of Sydney in the 1990s, but today its economy is more oriented towards knowledge-intense businesses and occupations.

CBD, Parramatta, Ultimo/Pyrmont, and Macquarie Park host this bustling creative and digital professional life, so if you plan to launch a business, look to these districts of the city. They offer a network of professionals, pools of skilled employees, good spaces to rent, and the general environment of buzz, energy, opportunities, and money flows that can benefit you greatly.

One more advantage is that Sydney encourages new startups and offers supportive conditions to those who seek to contribute to the economic growth of the city through establishing an innovative venture. Speaking in the startup’s language, three components necessary for launching one – access to capital, talent, and customers – are all available in Sydney.

It’s remarkable that Western Sydney hosts pockets of migrant communities that maintain their social networks and culture. Parramatta, for example, is home to Indians, and the southwest area is the ‘British neighborhood.’


Melbourne is the cultural and recreational capital of Australia, just like Sydney is the business one. However, it does not mean that people in Melbourne enjoy vacations all year round. On the contrary, Melbourne is bursting with events, festivals, and topical tours through its multiple museums. The city takes pride in its creative industries and tourism sector, and you can experience this excellence right upon your arrival. 

As a visitor, you will appreciate the city’s hospitality, recreation, and entertainment capacities. You can make money off them as an entrepreneur, too. Melbourne hosts 4.9 million people as residents, plus tourists, which makes accommodation, food industry, hospitality, entertainment, and education segments the most lucrative. 

The city offers a qualified workforce, an environment friendly to migrants (the city is very multicultural), and a constant stream of visitors hungry for new experiences and food. Currently, the local government offers plenty of opportunities for those who launch digital businesses and startups (including cultural ones) that can be resilient in the face of global crises like the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As a migrant, you can benefit from finding the community of your fellow expats and from setting up your own small or big business. Sydney is a recognized capital for startups for now, but Melbourne is set to win this title over in strong competition due to lower prices and a more laid-back environment for those who don’t like the overstressed life in the big urban beehive.


Adelaide is often described as a desired destination for migrants seeking to establish themselves on Australian soil due to the city’s affordable prices, soft warm climate, and slower pace of life. The city is often represented as a very big country town, laid-back and friendly, rather than the big metropolis that it actually is. With its 1.3 million inhabitants, Adelaide offers opportunities for doing business and enjoying city life with a relaxed approach typical of a smaller town with closely-knit communities.

However, do not let this leisurely countryside fleur fool you. Adelaide is a powerful research and innovation hub that hosts important defense and aerospace sectors of the economy.

The special place in Adelaide is reserved for healthcare, medical education, and bioscience combined with research. The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) is located here. It is the most important biomedical research institution in the whole Southern Hemisphere, so if you have appropriate qualifications or business plans, Adelaide should be on your radar.

Another city specialty is the dedicated district that hosts next to each other startups, running businesses, educational institutions, and accelerators. Basically, you have people, opportunities, knowledge, and money all gathered in one place. All you have to do is to go and get them for your project. Tonsley Innovation District is one such business-oriented location, but there are more of them on the city business map. 

Definitely, tourism, hospitality, and services have their place in Adelaide, but its biomed and health industries are globally recognized, so don’t miss this opportunity. 

If you have serious plans of setting up an innovative startup or a good business, look closer at these cities. They offer unique chances and conditions mixed with the warm climate and the uniquely Australian approach to work – honest, serious, and based on respect for contracts made and for people met. And if you want to run a smaller trade feeding people or making things locally, many smaller cities and towns will welcome you gladly and support you in your endeavor. 

So may your journey to the new life begin!