Top 10 Women in Ireland Who Have the Highest Strike Rates: Exemplary Examples In Cricket

Many great hitters have emerged from the women’s cricket scene throughout the course of its history. When it comes to getting underway, some individuals need a few different pitches, while others can knock the ball out of the park on the very first attempt. Still, others could get off to a sluggish start, but they might make up for it by scoring several runs in the bottom of the ninth inning. Our series of statistical analyses for Ireland Women’s Cricket is predicated on the notion that the efficiency of a batter may be gauged by her overall strike rate. Checkout t 20 world cup news to know more about the upcoming matches.

Gaby Lewis

Gaby Lewis In July of 2014, when Lewis was only 13 years old, she made history by being the youngest player in the history of Ireland to ever represent Ireland in an international cricket match. After that, in the same year, she broke the record for youngest player in the Twenty20 International by competing in the competition. She did this by setting a new age record (T20I). The International Cricket Council (ICC) has recognised five women’s cricket players as having the potential to become future stars in 2018. Lewis is one of those players. Her most recent position in the WSC was that of captain of the Scorchers, which she held most recently. In June of 2022, Lewis established a new standard by being the youngest leader in the annals of international women’s cricket. She did this by leading Ireland to a strike rate of 64.26 in her capacity as captain.

Leah Paul 

Irish cricket player Leah Paul, who hails from the Emerald Isle. On May 7, she made her debut in a Women’s One Day International match against India as part of the 2017 South Africa Quadrangular Series. On August 8, she made her debut playing for Ireland in a Women’s Twenty20 International match against the Netherlands, which they ultimately lost. In August, she will compete for Ireland in the qualifying tournament for the ICC Women’s World Twenty20, which will be held in Scotland. Beginning in July of 2020, she will be working with Cricket Ireland on a contract that is for a full calendar year but does not include a retainer. Her current strike rate is 59.17, and as a result, she has been chosen to represent Ireland in the Women’s Cricket World Cup Qualifier that will be held in Zimbabwe during the month of November 2021. The tournament is scheduled to take place in 2021.

Eimear Richardson

Eimear Ann Jermyn Richardson is a cricket player who hails from Ireland. She was given the honour of competing for Ireland in the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 Qualifier in the month of June 2018. She will be competing for Ireland in the 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20, which will take place in the West Indies in the month of October. In July of 2020, after a year of discussion on both sides, Cricket Ireland made her an offer of a one-year contract with no retainer. She was recognized as the game’s most important player after guiding her side to win in the 2021 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Europe Qualifier match that took place in Spain in August of that year. It has been decided that she will play for Ireland in the qualification for the Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2021, which will take place in November of that year in Zimbabwe.

Laura Delany

Laura Katherine Delany, the captain of the Irish cricket team, is winning over the hearts of cricket fans all around the world. In July of 2010, at the Kibworth Cricket Club New Ground, Delany made her debut for Ireland in a Women’s One-Day International match against New Zealand. The match took place at the Kibworth Cricket Club. In July of 2021, Delany was able to guide her squad to victory for the 63rd time, raising the winning percentage of her team’s matches under your guidance to 55.58 percent from Isobel Joyce’s 62 triumphs in 62 matches while serving as captain. The International Cricket Council named Delany it’s Player of the Month for November 2021.

 Jill Whelan

Jill Amy Whelan, who played for the Irish national cricket team with a right-arm bowling medium delivery, has decided to retire from the sport. She was a member of the Irish side that triumphed in the 2005 Women’s Cricket World Cup, and she participated in a total of 29 One-Day Internationals and eight Twenty20 Internationals between the years 2004 and 2011.

Shauna Kavanagh

Shauna Kavanagh, who is a member of the Pembroke Cricket Club, is also a member of the Irish national cricket squad. She will be competing for Ireland in the qualifying round of the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 in Scotland during the month of August. This competition will be held in Scotland. In July of 2020, Cricket Ireland extended an offer to her for a professional contract that would last for one year and include just part-time work. She will be participating in the qualifying phase for the 2021 Women’s Cricket World Cup in Zimbabwe in the next month of November.

Kim Garth

Kimberley 2010 was the year that Jennifer Garth of Ireland made her debut for Ireland in international cricket. She bats right-handed and is an all-rounder for the Pembroke Cricket Club. Her dominant hand is the right. On the international scene, she made her one-hundredth appearance while representing Ireland in November of 2018.

Amy Kenealy

Kenealy was an Irish cricketer who played in both the past and the present. She bowled right-arm medium. During her stint with the Irish national team, she took part in both the One-Day International (ODI) series (23) and the Twenty20 International (T20I) series (24). (T20Is). Back in her own country, she used to be a member of the cricket teams known as the Typhoons and Scorchers.

Nicola Coffey

Nicola Jane Coffey, an ex-cricketer from Ireland, batted right-handed and bowled left-arm medium-fast throughout her career. She competed in the Women’s Cricket World Cup from 2003 to 2008, as well as 19 One-Day Internationals and 2 Twenty20 Internationals.

Melissa Scott-Hayward 

While she was active in cricket, Melissa Erica Maria O’Carroll Scott-Hayward competed for Ireland. She is a former international player. She played the right side of the field at the plate and threw a right-arm medium pitch. Between the years 2008 and 2014, she participated in 22 Twenty20 Internationals and 26 One-Day Internationals while playing for Ireland. She was a part of the Typhoons when they competed in the Women’s Super 3s in 2015.


The aforementioned individuals are among the most accomplished and top hitters in Ireland in terms of their strike rate.

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