Top 10 Trends in SEO 2022

The best SEO expert in the world is using top-notch SEO strategies that help in directing more traffic to your website, which might lead to a greater conversion rate. Here is tip from digital marketing experts for every business website owner, stay consistent with the best SEO efforts and focus on content creation will make your website discoverable during searches.

The primary strategy that most businesses have used before is to write content that is full of keywords that internet users are likely to use during a search. The strategy has worked and still works today, but many other trends might help your website rank high. 

Mobile-first indexing

Mobile-first indexing means ranking content using the mobile version first. This is the opposite of desktop-first indexing. Recently, Google changed its internet content indexing from desktop-first to mobile-first because statistics show searches through mobile phones are growing more than searches done on desktop computers. 

According to SEO experts for a buy essay site, creators of SEO content must consider this fact and create content that is mobile phone friendly. The strategy will allow their content to be found during searches on mobile phones. 

Core web vitals

Core web vitals mean the rate at which webpage loads and its sustained stability after loading. Google introduced this new ranking criterion in 2020 to help improve user experience based on how responsive a page is, its stability, and speed. 

An experienced digital marketer for a dissertation writers UK site says that website owners and SEO content creators must work harder to make their pages more responsive. They can use a fast host, configure their websites to a faster infrastructure, reduce HTTP requests, etc. 

Voice search

Internet users are looking for solutions that take lesser time to search or wait for answers. The time is taken by a user to get feedback matters because they can easily abandon that search and move to another page. 

Voice search is changing the way users do searches and voice sampling is already in use in SEO. The technology behind voice research is artificial intelligence that is making it possible for users to get answers in an instant. 


For many years, SEO has relied on texts and images to help improve ranking. The most recent entrant in the SEO field is video marketing. The most vibrant platforms that make video marketing a reality are YouTube, blogs, and social media. Google SEO ranking uses descriptive texts found in the videos. Video marketers need to use SEO-targeted keywords when describing their videos for posting on YouTube and social media.

Long-form content

Content is critical in SEO ranking but recent research shows long-form content is likely to win in SEO ranking in 2021 and beyond. Content creators have a tougher job to produce detailed content that will leave the reader full of contentment. 

The advantage of long-form content is that its creator has more chances to include strategic keywords throughout the content. In terms of reading, short-form content attracts the most reading but in terms of SEO, long-form content ranks better. 

Zero click searches

This is a concept where a user searches for answers and gets them without having to click on anything. For example, if a user searches for something like the best apps for education, google scans websites to get the most relevant content that provides answers directly. The answers are displayed on the screen plus on the website. The concept uses different kinds of snippets and cards to help improve search.

Authentic content

Content authenticity is critical in search engine optimization. If businesses want to rank high, they should avoid replicating content and begin to create original content that hasn’t been used in any other website. 

If a user finds the content displayed is the same as what they found on another site, they will ignore it and move on to another piece of content. The business that published that content will lose potential customers and profits. 

Content authority and expertise

Google has yet another trick they use to rank content. They want to know if a website has any authority in terms of content, trust, and expertise. For example, someone who writes content about scientific discoveries and is a scientist might have greater authority compared to a journalist writing on the same topic. The content written by the scientist can be trusted and display a greater level of expertise compared to the one written by a journalist. 

Google my business

This is a portal that was developed by Google specifically for use by business people. It allows them to give details about their business in terms of services offered, business type, and location. There is room to give other details such as website address, social media pages, business hours, and a detailed services description. During a search, Google can use the information contained in Google my business to rank a page.

Geo-targeted SEO

Geo-targeted SEO means content that is local or created for the local community. During a search, google first gives results of websites located near the area the user is searching from. For example, a user searches for electricians near me. 

SEO will first display pages for electricians about 50 kilometres radius and will keep increasing the distance. If there are no websites with such services within the area, SEO will display services within a larger geographical area. 


SEO is no longer relying on branding only but it’s looking deeper into content authority, trust, and ease of search. Page interaction is an important factor that looks into the speed of access and stability. The newest trend is mobile-first indexing which calls for content creators to produce mobile-friendly content. Other trends are video SEO, core web vitals, and brand SERP optimization.