According to SmartyIndian, here are the top 10 strategies for learning new skills that might help you:

  1. TAKE NOTE – One of the best strategies you need to know for learning news kills is to take note. That is one of the best things you need to consider and remember. When you are in the trading world, you always need to take down notes of the things you hear, heard and the things you encounter because after taking notes of that, after your trading or when its time to take a look at the things that do not go along your way, you already know what are those because you have noted to yourself. If you discover new things and take notes of them, you can never forget that when you are looking at your messages, which is beneficial. 
  2. STUDY – Make sure that when you are learning new skills, you make a study about that matter, you study what are the things that have been tackled about and then that is when you are going to learn what are those and remember all the details. 
  3. Do A RESEARCH – Make sure that you are researching the things you have learned, make sure that you are looking at the other learning and development course if they did the same or they are offering the exact solutions, education, and improvements, but if they are not it’s ok, they considerations of that also so that you have a lot of choices to study but make sure that all of them are helpful for your trading journey. 
  4. ASK – (IF IT IS FROM PROFESSIONAL) ask if the person who is helping you with your learning is a professional trader, a trader who is a part of the trading world, or a person who has already quit trading because they are already reached their goals of from someone who has a lot of experience? Make sure that you consider that because it is an advantage for you knowing that all the lessons and learning you are getting are from professionals.
  5. COMPARE – (LEARNING AND OTHER) when you are already done with listening, taking down notes, and doing research, start comparing what are your learning in some pieces of training that you are in, and after that, start searching on how other professional traders make solutions in a particular matter and if you already make a comparison, take note if they have the same strategy or procedure on how they are going to make their trading success and if they are different, take note of that because both are helpful. You just have to consider what fits your trading. 
  6. COMPARE- (LEARNING/OTHERS AND YOURS) after you are done making comparisons for the two, start comparing those two to your work to see if you are doing your work right. You are using a suitable solution to your trading, and if not, start changing your way so that you will end up successful. And if you are using what they are using, it is a good thing, but you just have to make a slight improvement, for that matter.
  7. START REMOVING AND ADDING – Start removing what is not helpful and useful for trading and start adding what you have learned and what can help you be successful in your trading.
  8. ASK YOURSELF – “Am I ready in trading?” if you know the answer, start entering the trading world. 
  9. BE READY- Ready yourself when you are about to enter trading. Make sure you are all settled, everything is ready, and everything is clear.
  10. APPLY – After all of that, make sure you apply the things you have learned and apply all the things you know might be helpful for you to have successful trading.

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