Top 10 Seo Tips to Promote a Website

These days, even people who are not in the tech industry know about SEO. It’s easy to see why. SEO helps users find the best matches to their requests. This strategy also helps site owners move in ranks and draw more traffic to their platform. Thus, when SEO’s done right, it’s a win-win situation for all. The only problem here is in learning to do it the right way. Well, to start, you can try following these ten simple SEO tips on how to promote a website. 

  1. Keywords

Most people know about the importance of keywords in SEO strategies. Unfortunately, though, not many know how to apply this knowledge well. Moreover, many people stop their SEO efforts at this stage, thinking it’s gonna be enough. This is also a mistake, of course. Though, it’s a whole different story.
Overall, you should always have primary and secondary keywords in your texts. The latter should support the former. The secondary keywords should not distract your readers’ attention from the primary ones but help them understand the message better. 

  • Catchy URL

The natural use of URL in the text is an art on its own. It takes time and experience to learn where the links work best. Yet, there are a few tips we can recommend. First, be brief. Use short URLs with no more than five words. Second, be descriptive. The URL should be clear about where it will lead readers. Lastly, insert links to your primary keywords, if you can. Such a strategy helps to emphasize your message.  

  • High-quality content

This one is a rather simple but essential tip. Do have only high-quality content on your pages. So, what does it mean? You need to have well-structured texts with clear paragraphs, well-established topics, and nicely put sentences. Anything less than that will not find the support you hope for among the search engines. On top of that, your articles should be informative and useful to the readers. 

  • Informative titles

It goes without saying that titles play the main role in having people notice you. First, a good title will have a higher chance of fitting the search description. Hence, if people google, “Who can do my homework for me?” you give the full answer in your title, “We can do your homework for you.” Don’t forget to insert main keywords there, yet make it brief and natural. 

  • Meta description

So, the meta description is that short section of text right under your title. This section is usually all that users see when searching for articles. Thus, this is the very section that draws people into your site. However, writing can be a true challenge. These sections should be no longer than two or three sentences. Yet, it has to be informative and promising enough to lure users into your site to read the whole post. 

  • Long reads

You can create more credible and specialized content to gain more trust among users and engines. Overall, you draw people in and then knock them out with long, comprehensive, know-it-all articles. Such content must answer literally any questions those users may have. For instance, if you offer a gradesfixer review, make it detailed and informative, listing all cons and pros. Thus, people stay longer on your site, which is a good sign for the search engines. It speaks of your credibility and usefulness. 

  • Internal linking

Don’t doubt the power of internal linking. It does two things for you in one click. First, you improve your site traffic. The anchor text used for the internal linking will be the winner of your SEO strategy here. Thus, you raise other domestic posts in the searches. Secondly, you also encourage people to stay and explore the site more. See? It’s a win-win for you. 

  • Site audit

One common mistake site owners make is not checking the ‘wellbeing’ of their pages regularly. A site audit can be a huge help when you plan to improve and enhance the existing SEO strategy. Such a process can show what is working on your site and what has been broken, failing your expectations long ago. Overall, turn this practice into a habit and watch the benefits it brings with each audit. 

  • Backlinking

Backlinking is not something that will come naturally to you. It will take time and effort. Yet, this approach will instantly raise you in the engines. However, here is the catch. Only backlinking from respected, popular, and authority sites will do the trick. Such pages will improve your traffic and demonstrate your credibility. One way to do it is by offering to write guest posts or giving valuable data and other exclusive information that leads people back to your site. 

  1. Be original 

Last but not least, original content is the key to any SEO strategy. You have to have your own unique articles, styles, topics, etc. First of all, original content makes people come to you instead of hundreds of other sites. Secondly, having plagiarism on your pages will cast a shade on you. Hence, search engines won’t like it and probably make you pay for your mistake.