Is your baby turning one, and you are thinking of hosting a first birthday for her/ him? Whether it is a small gathering with family or a big birthday bash, you need to prepare a lot of things from decorations to food to gifts. If you want to make a perfect preparation for the party regarding food items that are edible by kids and adults, then you can take suggestions from this article as we have mentioned some delectable appetizers that you must include in the first birthday celebration of the child.

1] A Themed Birthday Cake

It is a trend now of getting a themed birthday cake for the celebration of a child’s first birthday. You can choose one of the popular themes, such as animals, balloons, cartoon characters, fairies, etc., for your kid’s first birthday party. Order a custom-designed or store-bought birthday cake that perfectly fits into your selected theme.

2] Finger Foods

Your one-year-old may have just learned to eat but they can’t eat solid, hard stuff as they still don’t have all their teeth, hence it is great to have some soft finger food items at the party. You can have it made with vegetables, cheese cubes, small sandwiches, and fruits, as they are the favorites of both parents and children equally. You can also keep healthy food options for parents who want to avoid sugary items.

3] Mini Cupcakes

You must order mini cupcakes from the best online cake shop in Noida or nearby places and include them in the dessert table set up at the party because they are fun, colorful, adorable, and appetizing. They are bite-sized desserts that are perfect for little hands at the party to pick and eat. You can select a variety of flavors and decorations so that your guests can pick their favorite from the cupcake tower of the dessert table.

4] Pizza Party

To make your party more casual, you can host a simple pizza party in which you can set up pizza-making stations. On a table, keep cheeses, pepperoni, vegetables, mini pizza bread, and sauces in separate containers and allow your guests to create their own mini pizzas. This will allow your guests to actively participate in the party as well as kids will enjoy this activity too.

5] Baby Food Bar

Since the party is organized to celebrate the first birthday of your child, you may have a lot of young guests, so keeping them in mind, you must consider setting up a baby food bar. On a separate table, keep small bowls of pureed vegetables, fruits, baby spoons, and bibs so that the parents can pick from there to feed their child. It is the best way to help the guest parents to avoid store-bought food for their little ones.

6] DIY Yogurt Parfaits

Keeping a healthy and delicious food item for the first birthday party is a great option, as keeping oneself healthy is very important. On a table, you can keep small cups of yogurt, granola, and fruit toppings which will allow the guests to make their parfaits however they like to eat.

7] Fruit Skewers

Another appetizing snack for a birthday party that you must keep is fruit skewers which are a colorful and healthy food option. You can use multiple fruits like cherries, mangoes, apples, grapes, etc., and thread them into small skewers. You avoid children from getting hurt by skewers; you must keep an eye on them when they are picking and eating.

8] Smash Cake

Along with the first birthday cake of your child, you can order a small smash cake so that all your guests and birthday boy/ girl can play a smash game with it. It is a messy but fun tradition that has become a part of birthday celebrations, whether it is someone’s first birthday or fiftieth. You can capture the moments of fun with our camera so that you can show them to your child later.

9] Ice Cream Bar

Nothing can be a more refreshing dessert option than a chilled and delicious ice cream bar for a first birthday celebration. There are several flavors like butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate, sundae, tutty fruity, etc., which can be kept as options at the party. You can provide sprinkles, chocolate chips, and whipped cream to add more flavor to the ice cream with cups and spoons to eat. 

10] Signature Drink

Along with food itеms,  makе surе to kееp somеthing to drink as wеll othеr than watеr,  such as smoothiеs,  shakеs,  icе tеas,  еtc.  You can also crеatе a signaturе drink to match thе thеmе of your party.  For еxamplе,  you can makе multicolor drinks for thе unicorn thеmе,  bluе drinks for thе mеrmaid thеmе,  pink drinks for thе princеss thеmе,  and so on. 


Makе your child’s first birthday mеmorablе with somе food itеms that arе dеlicious and appеtizing at thе samе timе.  Always kееp in chеck that thе itеms arе prеparеd with frеsh ingrеdiеnts and arе not too spicy bеcausе you will havе a lot of young guеsts attеnding thе party. You can incorporate mini cupcakes, signature drinks, pizzas, smash cakes, and much more into your party if you haven’t tried any of these yet.