Getting healthier is on everyone’s list. After all, your health is the most important thing in life and ensures you can enjoy your hard-earned riches. Unfortunately, losing weight is easier said than done, as most overweight people would testify. The concept might seem straightforward. First, you determine how many calories your body needs for maintenance. Then, you reduce your calorie consumption below the maintenance point to lose weight, but that’s a very simplistic approach to weight loss. 

If you go to a fitness club or a gym, a trainer will recommend this approach and instruct you to mix it with a rigorous and regimented workout routine. But that doesn’t necessarily work for multiple reasons. For starters, your body needs food to fuel your workout routines. You won’t perform well on an empty stomach. In addition, eating below maintenance will also cause you to stay hungry. This strategy also doesn’t necessarily work well for everyone because people’s bodies are unique. 

Born and raised by blue-collared workers on a farm in a small town, Jesse Deacon Jones understands the troubles people undergo when trying to lose weight. He’s been in a similar situation, having grown up overweight throughout his teens and early 20s. Besides, he has a degenerative knee disease that prevents him from doing cardio. As a result, he hasn’t been able to run, cycle, or perform any other cardiovascular exercise in the last eleven years. 

However, losing weight is sometimes essential, especially when your BMI has reached the obesity range. Jesse knew he had to do whatever it took to lose weight. Although he’s a certified trainer and nutritionist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, his journey didn’t start in the fitness world. Instead, he graduated from Boise State University with a communications degree in 2011. His fitness journey only began because he knew he had to lose weight to improve his life quality. 

Moreover, years of following conventional wisdom and popular training plans had led him nowhere. Thus, he decided to take matters into his own hands because his parents had taught him always to work hard and never give up on accomplishing his goals. Most people would think eschewing a traditional diet and training plans for a do-it-yourself approach wouldn’t have worked out well for the fitness expert, but that’s untrue. He has lost over 100 pounds and is not alone because his brother has also reaped the rewards of following Jesse’s advice.

In fact, his methods have worked so well that Jesse Deacon Jones went from being obese to a fitness competitor, regularly participating in shows at five percent body fat. Now, he wants to share his secrets with the rest of the world, allowing them to get healthier quickly. He claims, “I’ve accrued over twenty years of knowledge and experience regarding getting healthier. I want to share this knowledge with others to help them see results. Like most personal trainers, I’m not here to spread the same old advice about running more and eating less. Instead, I have something that actually works.” 

Hence, Jesse has started Truth Master Classes. It’s a place where people can learn about everyday problems and find adequate solutions. His website has multiple masterclasses for various problems. For instance, his first masterclass was The Fat Loss Masterclass. He followed it up with his second one, called Hair Loss Masterclass. But that’s not all because he plans to continue introducing new masterclasses to address common problems affecting everyday people. So if you want to transform your life, Jesse Deacon Jones is the man with the plan.