Thrive Amid Job and Career Uncertainty
Thrive Amid Job and Career Uncertainty

If you are growing a habit of following social media since the beginning of 2021 then you might likely feel like shutting everything off and pulling the cover over your head.

A research has shown that chronic TV watchers and those who follow the news build fears because of everything they learn about and start to feel like it is happening right in front of their house.

For instance the Capitol riots. School closures due to COVID -19, the deaths from illness, self-distancing, remote working, directors, shortage of vaccines, drained economy, people without water, and also the lack of power. All this happened in the last few months and people have elevated fears and anxiety because of it all.

It is easy to freak out when the hardships are faced by a large number of people with no apparent solutions. In this condition, our minds start to look for the solution and the much-awaited answer to “What is next?”.

To maintain security and certainty it is important to avoid the stress caused by mulling over uncertainty. People who have a habit of overanalyzing can go deep into the well of uncertainty and anxiety in such times.

If a boss does not reply to a text, or a colleague frowns upon a question or your manager seems irritated with your conversation. And you are someone who pre-assumed all of this or thinks too much into this stuff then you are more likely to become worse in the current situation.

However, there is always a way to make your brain trained for uncertainty.

Too Much Safety Can Limit Career Success

Your brain prefers to keep everything certain and safe. Our brain takes this heavy responsibility to an extent that it starts hating even the slightest inevitable uncertainty.

That is why a lot of us experience a severe meltdown right before a presentation or a big interview. When certainty is a question our brain goes haywire and forces us to create an environment where everything is secure.

But here are a few things we need to train our brain into thinking:

  • Safety equals Safety. Safety does not equal happiness or career success.
  • It is more stressful wondering whether you will be late for the meeting than knowing that you will be late.
  • Similarly, it is more anxiety-causing to wonder if you will be divorced rather than acknowledging that you will be divorced.
  • Another example of this is wondering whether you will get this job instead of being certain that you will not bag this job.

British researchers have found that participants of the survey who experienced painful electric shock were much calmer and less agitated than those who were told that they will get an electric shock.

Here is how you can cope up with Uncertainty

Surrender to the Unknown

Sometimes embracing uncertainty can bring more peace rather than finding a solution out of it abruptly. The Dancing with The Stars champion, Julianne openly deviated from the norm by embracing uncertainty.

She says that surrendering to the unknown is not as hard a one might believe. She says that those who already know what they won’t have set a limit for themselves. And growing out of that limit can become a difficult task.

However, when going into the unknown you have no idea what your possible limit is and how far can you go. If people started training their brains into thinking that there is a limit it will be easy for them to achieve much higher career success than they have already decided for themselves.

Develop Tolerance

The pandemic has been hard. Those working from home had to endure too much in less time. The connectivity issues, disturbance, and loads of work have caused a lot of people into thinking of remote working as a distressful manner of working.

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However, since the beginning of 2021, those who practice tolerance have started finding ways to make remote working effective and bearable. Many people have started changing their slow internet service with a faster connection like Cox internet with Cox deals, and have arranged a corporate space for them to work in their home.

Work Toward the Better

This brings us to the fact that taking a deep breath, surrender to the unknown, and train for the uncertainty can bring the solution into your current lifestyle.


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