Need to move fast and don’t know where to start? We have got the solution for you. It seems impossible to move fast without prior bookings. Although it would be better to plan your move, it is possible to move within the next few days. 

Imagine a situation where you have a problem with your current home or there is an emergency, moving is inevitable. You would need a Boston moving company to make your move easy, safe, and fast. Following are some tips to move as soon as possible.

Book The Earliest Date

One way to move quickly is to choose the first date available while booking a move online. If you don’t find a suitable date, you can contact them using their chat services or email, requesting to move early. 

Sometimes the movers might have canceled clients, so it might be possible to squeeze you in. However, there are chances you might get a negative response, therefore it is better to ask for a quicker mover to more than one mover. 

We would suggest you book dates in advance to avoid last-minute cancellations or disappointments. Companies may be completely booked out for a month. 

Pay Extra

Another way to let the company rope you in is to pay an express fee. Some moving companies have a special package to move within the next 4-5 days by paying an extra fee. This fee might vary depending on the company. 

It might be an extra $50 or might be more depending on the day and the time you choose. Some companies might not have an extra payment for early moving, however, offer discounts for moving later. Directly or indirectly, you will pay slightly more than the people who plan their move months before. 

Choose Nighttime

Yes, you want to sleep, but the roads are empty. It is an amazing time to move. Especially, if you are moving in winter, people prefer indoors during the evening and night. The empties the roads, the better it is for the movers. 

However, in this case, nighttime means around 9 or 10 pm. Some companies apply night-fee and some might not work certain hours. Check their working time and go ahead with the nighttime plan if they work late. 

Choose Weekdays

Weekends are always full since people have a free day and don’t have to miss a workday. If you have an emergency and need to move fast, choosing a weekday is better. There are more chances of being able to book the movers. 

Months like September and October are always full and therefore, would be not a good time to move. However, even during these months, choosing a weekday might get you a spot in their busy schedule.

Be Flexible

The last tip is to provide as much flexibility as you can to the movers. The more you do so, the more they can integrate your move. For example, instead of giving a fixed day, put a range of 3-4 days. Do the same for the time. 

Instead of a fixed time, try writing a range or just say anytime. If the movers had a cancellation or their move was delayed for some reason, your move could be on the list.  

How To Choose A Moving Company?

Choosing packers and movers is not an easy task. With the growing number of companies, it can be overwhelming. So what can I do? Following are some ways to make the process smoother:

  • Ask your family members or friends who recently moved. Make sure you know their experience and the problems they faced while moving. Also, if you choose the same company, you might be eligible for the friends and family discount. It might be up to 15%.
  • Check online moving forums where people discuss their profits and gains with the company they chose. Such forums can provide you with a clear outlook and help you choose the best Packers & Movers.
  • Another way to scheme through the ocean of moving businesses is to read the testimonials. The detailed testimonials provide you with not only the positive side, but also the negative side of the movers. 

Be Ready

When in a hurry, you are prone to make mistakes. You might leave something valuable, or pack an item loosely. You will end up either missing something or having broken items at the end of your move. How to avoid that? Simple, use the following protocol.  

  • Get moving insurance. 
  • Professional packing.
  • Separate expensive items.
  • Take important documents with you.
  • Pack pet products in a different box.
  • Disassemble furniture that can be. 
  • Frozen foods should go in a movable freezer.
  • Take care of valuable art pieces. 


There you go, now you know some of the ways to move early and efficiently. Even if you are moving after a few weeks or after a month, the above-given tips will help you move comfortably, and you can avoid cancellations. Moving quickly would mean a lot of pressure, therefore we suggest you let the movers do the packing for you. Move tension-free!