If you have a pet, you’ll know that keeping your backyard looking fresh and clean is quite the challenge. Apart from having to clean regularly, there’s also the problem of cleaning effectively without having to worry about the side effects of the nasty chemicals that common household cleaning products contain. It’s a challenge but there are things you can do to ensure your family and your pet can enjoy your outdoor space together. Interested to hear more? Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for keeping your backyard smelling fresh and looking clean. 

Create A Clean-up Schedule For Your Pets

Your dog is probably very scheduled in their toileting breaks. You know when they’re going to look up at you with pleading eyes for the back door to be opened so they can relieve themselves. It is very easy for us to say that we will clean up after them each time they use the backyard as a toilet but it doesn’t always happen.. That said; it’s best to create your own schedule for picking up after your pet. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, choose a suitable time each day and stick to that schedule.

Use a Natural Non-Toxic Backyard Cleaner

Keeping pets and children safe is a number one priority when cleaning and freshening up your yard. You want them to be able to play freely and happily without you having to worry about the potential dangers contained in most cleaning products. If you have synthetic grass or turf it can be even more of a dilemma. By using a 100% natural and non-toxic cleaner such as PetLab Plus, you can completely clean, disinfect and eliminate all odours from all areas, including synthetic turf, kennels and brickwork.

Proper Pet Training Prevents Mess

Besides their toileting needs, pets like to use the backyard to create mischief – it is their personal playground after all. By following a proper training guide, especially with dogs, they will know their boundaries and will know what they shouldn’t do. Your dog having good recall when he is getting dangerously close to knocking over that plant you’ve been trying to keep alive all summer will save you a cleaning job.

Throw out Unused Objects

It is quite easy for the backyard to become the new home for your secret hoarding collection. That cupboard you’ve been meaning to throw out for months might look quite nice in the garden, right? Probably not. Avoid the temptation to put excessive amounts of furniture in the backyard as it will just look cluttered and eventually look more like the local dump than the Garden of Eden you’d like it to be. This is also the case with your pets toys; it might be an easy place to throw them out to keep the inside looking nice, but you’re just creating another problem in your backyard.

Enjoy It!

Cleaning generally isn’t fun but there’s a difference when it’s outside. Choose a nice sunny day and turn it into a family activity. When your backyard is nice and clean you can sit back with a nice cold drink and enjoy the fruits of your labour.