Tips To Ensure Kids Web Safety by Using the Best Parental Control App

Kids may spend many hours surfing on the internet. Many of them, however, are not aware of the risks on the Web that are awaiting them. Annually, the number of cyberattacks harming kids is increasing. Parents should also consult experts on how to protect kids online. To keep kids safe online, the experts have compiled a list of 7 tips for parents. These tips will help will the likelihood that their children may be attacked online. At the same time, children expect a whole range of risks. Kids are often targeted by scammers who want to misuse the personal information of children, in addition to cybercriminals who try to attract inappropriate images from kids or compel them to meet and exploit them.

  1. Set Screen time limitations 

Regardless of the age of the child, it is advisable to set the screen time limitation rules i.e. to aware your kids that they can only use the internet at a designated time in your presence. They should have an idea that if something is shared on the internet it will stay there forever and anyone can get access to it.

  1. Personal Information Sharing

It’s important to explain the significance of sharing personal data on the internet. You can train your child to as you before revealing any information on the web so they can consult you. Make it easier for your kid to accept it and give them clarity and grip.

  1. Manage social networks usage

A child should be well-informed that how to behave on social platforms. It’s the duty of a parent to explain to them that what information should be shared on social forums and which should not. However, prohibit them from using social sites if you feel the necessity.

  1. Chat Apps privacy

Kids use several Apps for chatting such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger regularly. They have no idea that their chats are not totally secured on these Apps. You should guide them to never share personal information on any app i.e their photos, passwords, or any other confidential information.

  1. Hacking & Identity Theft

You can discuss cybercrimes like identity theft and hacking with your teens only since little ones won’t be able to get it. Instruct them about hacking on the internet and guide them to be safe so they don’t get into any trouble.

  1. Install the best parental control app

The best way to keep an eye on your child’s web activity is to use the best parental control app.

Who doesn’t wish to use these tips and install the app to verify your children’s web safety?

With the tips above, parents are encouraged to use the FamilyTime Parental Control App. The app lets you remotely track your kid’s device. You can get a report on anything such as App usage, screen time, chats, location tracking, and also driving. Not enough? You can now also limit inappropriate apps and excess screen time. FamilyTime is a renowned Android app that includes many of these aspects.