Tips to Ace NEET Biology

If time allows, create any diagrams you’ve just examined and identify all of the essential components to help you remember them better. Practicing and sketching well-labeled diagrams may help you understand topics more quickly.

Finally, diagrams are a helpful and valuable tool for visual perception in comprehending theory.

  • Give more attention to significant topics

Although the whole syllabus of NEET Biology is necessary to prepare for, some of the topics hold more importance than others. Topics such as human physiology, genetics, ecology, and reproduction should be given more attention. Mastering these topics will ensure better scores in your NEET Biology section.  

  • NCERT based questions are a must

When studying NEET Biology, make sure that you invest your significant amount of time in practicing and understanding NCERT based questions as it is often noted that NCERT based questions are always given in the NEET exam by the question paper setters. So, keep a note to practice these questions as much as you can.

  • Make tables and charts

Making your own tables and charts can prove to be very useful while studying NEET Biology. Since biology is a theory subject and contains an assortment of topics, it is difficult to memorize it all. Hence, it is easier if a proper table or chart is made of such topics.


Are you planning to take the NEET exam? Want to score the best and get into your desired college? Rest easy! Download the NEET Biology Syllabus PDF and start studying for your NEET Exam earlier than others. These tips to effectively study NEET Biology will keep you on your toes when it comes to studying, allowing you to ace your exam and achieve your goal of getting into one of India’s top medical schools.

Every year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) organizes the NEET Exam for admission to different medical programs. Without question, the most crucial element of the NEET curriculum is biology. It possesses a 360-point weightage in NEET, rendering it a subject that may make or break your chances of getting the desired seat. There are a total of 90 questions, all of which carry equal marks. What can you do to make the most of it? How can you obtain the highest possible score in biology in NEET? What is the most effective way to study NEET biology? Do you want to find out the answers to these questions? For the student’s convenience, the following article contains the most effective tips students can follow to productively study NEET Biology and also Ace it. To learn the best tips you can ever follow to prepare for your NEET exams in the most efficient manner, keep reading this article.

Tips to effectively study NEET Biology

  • Consider NCERT as your bible

The key to succeeding in NEET biology is to study the NCERT books carefully. It offers a comprehensive and in-depth explanation of all topics included in the NEET curriculum, making it a must-read. The NEET questions are mostly, if not entirely, based on the NCERT texts.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to start reading the NCERT with a highlighter or pen in hand. After you’ve finished reading, go over all of the critical ideas you underlined, and then go over all of the essential themes and sentences you highlighted. Make the NCERT books your bible, and your NEET results will soar.

  • Practice is the key

It is just as necessary to practice NEET biology questions as it is to practice NEET physics and chemistry questions. This will help you understand the pattern and the kind of questions that will be given in the test and assist you in reducing the time it takes to answer these questions. It is via the extensive practice of biology problems that you will gain high marks on the final test.

  • Prepare your own notes

You will remember more about a topic if you take hand notes while studying it than if you simply read it once. Finally, when you’re pressed for time, this is what you’ll need for revision.

  • Make the most of technology

Do you find it difficult to understand a particular topic? Can’t you seem to get your mind around a complicated question? Use technology to your advantage! To make your learning experience simpler, there are a variety of online learning systems accessible. You may purchase an online NEET course that includes recorded video lectures that you can view to quickly and efficiently grasp a topic. If everything else fails, YouTube is always there to save the day!

  • Previous years question papers come to your rescue

Question papers from previous years may assist you in understanding the pattern and types of questions given in the NEET. Solving 90 questions that have already been asked on the NEET can help you get first-hand experience on the test, especially in biology. This will also assist you in identifying commonly asked questions and essential subjects to prepare for the NEET 2020 Biology exam.

  • Never miss out on mock tests

Mock exams allow you to evaluate your performance and concentrate on the areas where you need to improve. It’s possible that analyzing fake test results is more essential than taking the exam itself. After each mock exam, be sure to evaluate your performance. You may answer as many mock exams as you like with the NEET online practice test series, thankfully.

  • Revision is essential

Finally, but certainly not least, revision! After finishing the curriculum, a comprehensive review is required for a flawless grade in biology. When it comes to exam preparation, revision is undervalued since it helps you keep ideas fresh in your memory.

  • Excel at Diagrams

Diagrams and drawings are the most incredible way to understand biology, the study of life. Both academically and practically, diagrams are essential in the study of life. In addition, studying a graphic is more fascinating and beneficial than studying a text piece. In a nutshell, diagrams are an excellent method to visualize ideas. Since every diagram-based question given in NEET comes from NCERT, it is essential to study them thoroughly. Every diagram, as well as its labeling and explanation, is crucial.