Tips On How To Safely Handle a Chainsaw

Chainsaw is the ultimate power tool. It is incredibly useful and amazing to work with. However, it can also be dangerous to a fatal level if used incorrectly or without the proper safety precautions. 

Whether you need to brush up on their skill or are a beginner, make sure to read all these chainsaw safety tips or undergo formal chainsaw safety training before you handle a chainsaw.

Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions about the chainsaw use and safety guidelines. You will find all of these details in the owner’s manual.

Chainsaw safety rules

Here are a few chainsaw safety rules which should be taken very seriously and must be followed every time you use a chainsaw.

· When operating the chainsaw, use both hands to hold the chainsaw.

· Always wear the proper protective clothing. This includes steel top cap boots, ear protection, eye protection, work gloves, chaps or chainsaw safety trousers, etc.

· Never allow the chainsaw’s kickback zone to come in contact with anything. Do not use this site to cut anything either. This is especially important when the chain is moving.

· Check the tension of the chain before you start your work. Tighten it if needed. If the chain comes loose, it can come off while working and cause massive injury.

· If you are using a new chain, make sure to check it after 20 minutes of work since chains tend to stretch quickly initially. In the case of old chains, check after one hour of work.

· If you are not cutting anything, use a chain break.

· If you are moving the chains or over a short distance, make sure to hold the chainsaw with your left hand. Hold the chainsaw by the front handle to avoid any accidental acceleration. If you are moving over 10 feet with the chainsaw, make sure the engine is off.

· Do not start the cutting process unless you have fully thought the process out. Suppose you are cutting a tree, understand the direction in which the tree could fall, and ensure safe outcomes.

· If you were adding fuel to the chainsaw, move 10 feet away from the location before starting the chainsaw engine.

· Use the chainsaw only if it is in pristine perfect condition with all the safety features in place.

Never use a chainsaw if you are feeling.

· Alone

· Under the influence of drugs/alcohol or tired

· Standing on a ladder

· Any weather that has strong gusts and winds

· Cutting above the height of your shoulder

Safety tips regarding chainsaw


Always wrap your fingers and thumbs around the handles in a form encircling good grip. This will prevent accidents in case of a kickback.


Always stand with your feet apart. The feet should be shoulder with apart. Stand in a comfortable position. Do not stand directly behind the chainsaw. Stand to one side of it. Do not overreach or squash down when cutting. If you are new to chainsaws, check out chainsaw safety training osha.