We thought of some tips that can help you make the joy of birthdays that you cannot celebrate otherwise. With the new coronavirus pandemic, some holidays and holidays are not celebrated, but a birthday is important and expected, especially for children.

Birthday in quarantine: how to celebrate

My main tip for those who will have a birthday in the quarantine is simple: take time for yourself. Think about the things you like to do at home, or that you can adapt to this space, and do it!

If you love to exercise, do a fun workout. Suppose you are a fan of cinema, marathon your favorite films. If you are passionate about a new hobby, dedicate yourself to it. If you love to cook, separate the best recipes. If you are feeling tired, take the day off to do nothing. If you miss someone, ask to make a video call. You can make birthday videos for your friends to make them feel special for their birthdays.

Dance and music

Remember that our main home is our body, which allows us to do so many incredible things. Celebrate your day by celebrating yourself! Make a selection of your favorite songs, play, and dance. If you prefer, separate some dance videos and imitate the choreographies. If you are quarantined with more people, ask them to dance too. In addition to being a super fun activity, it makes us feel more “partying” and gives a high level of endorphin, which causes pleasure.

Spa day

Another way to celebrate your life and your body are to take a moment, or even the whole day, to take care of your physical well-being. Meditate, do yoga, take a longer bath and moisturize your entire body. Ask those who live with you to have a massage, or do one yourself on your arms, legs, neck, and head.

Use your beauty products or search for recipes for homemade moisturizing masks and apply them to your hair and face. Make a foot bath, light incense or scented candles, listen to peaceful music, have a relaxing tea. If you have a bathtub, take a bubble bath. Give yourself a breather!

Connection’s marathon

Another way to celebrate your birthday in quarantine using video calls is to set up multiple individual conversations with people you love. If you don’t need to work during the day, schedule times with different people during the day and take the opportunity to update your chats, especially with people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Connections with friends and family have the power to recharge our energies!

Special meals

Do you want a better excuse than your birthday to eat everything you like best? Set up a special birthday menu in the quarantine, with your favorite foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Leave everything prepared the day before, ask for help for those who live with you, or ask for delivery.

If you have an open area at home, take the opportunity to place the dining table there or have a picnic. If not, set the table in a special way, put lights or candles around the room, and perfume the environment. Create a cozy atmosphere, even if it’s just for you, and delight yourself. 😉

As we already said, the day is yours! And he doesn’t need to have a traditional birthday party, with cake and candles. Allow yourself to be free and do only what you feel like doing.


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