Water damage is one of the most common damages to Australian homes. Its devastating effects are often noticed long past the point of remediation. Water damage can appear in unexpected places and might require a lot of time and resources to repair. Moreover, water leakages gradually worsen over time if no repairs are done immediately after a leak is identified. 

You should be wary that a seemingly tiny leak on your roof can grow to a big one and end up damaging your home’s roof, ceiling, walls, and valuables. Many homeowners are not well-versed in the extent of damage water leakages can do, so many don’t know when to call a restoration company. It’s essential to get professional services such as water damage repair by Surepaint as soon as you notice a leak. The experts will help you mitigate the disaster quickly and efficiently. Read the following tips if you have had water leakages.

Turn off your main water supply

If you have water flowing through your walls, you should turn off your main water supply. This will stop any water from leaking into your walls and causing further damage. If you aren’t sure where your main supply valve is, you should call a plumber. They will help you turn off the water supply, and you can start the cleanup process after that.

Check for damaged electrical components

In water damage cases, the biggest risk usually comes from electrocution. You should switch off the main power supply, unplug all the electrical components, and move the portable ones to a safer place. If your electrical components are wet, you should not work on them yourself; instead, call an electrician to have a look at them. If the electrical circuits are damaged, you’re going to want them replaced right away so that you don’t put anyone at risk of being electrocuted.

Notify your insurance provider

Water damage is something that you’re going to want to call your insurance provider about right away. Not only will they be able to give you financial information about the situation, but they will be able to get you connected with a restoration company that they liaise with.

Remove as much water as possible

If you have water damage on the lower floor of your home, you should do everything you can to remove as much of the water as possible. You can do this using a wet/dry vacuum or by mopping up the area as best, you can. This will prevent mold from growing and cause further damage to your home.

Remove the soil

Once you’ve removed as much water as you can, you should remove any soil residue. This process is essential because the soil can be contaminated with mold and bacteria, so you shouldn’t leave it there.

Protect your home

Once you’ve removed the soil, you should protect your home using throw-away tarps. This will keep the soil and moisture out of your home while continuing the cleanup process. It would be best to put down plastic sheeting on the floor to catch any soil or water still coming out of the walls.

Remove the damaged materials

Once you’ve taken care of the soil and the water flow, you should remove any damaged materials that you see. This is going to include drywall, flooring, and ceiling tiles. You may reuse them, but you should dispose of them if they are in bad shape.

Focus on ceilings water damage repair first

If you have water damage all over your area, consider repairing your ceilings first. This will prevent the water from getting into the walls and causing further damage. You’re going to want to call a professional for this job because ceilings can be very tricky to work with, and you don’t want to make the situation worse.

Disinfect the area

Once you’ve removed all damaged items, you should disinfect the area. This will kill off any mold, bacteria, and other contaminants that may still be on the surfaces. You can purchase a disinfectant spray for this or call a restoration company to do it for you.

You may have to hire a restoration company

If your insurance company gives you the go-ahead, you should call a restoration company for professional services. Hiring such companies is important because they have a team with the right expertise to handle the situation.

If you have water damage in your home, you should try your best to handle the situation as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will get. Use the above tips anytime you encounter water leakages.

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