Rainy season becomes very challenging for farmers who use their farm lands for farming purposes. At times, the rain wreaks havoc on their land and destroys everything in just a few hours. Due to this, the hard work the farmers put in goes wasted. In the  rainy season, when the land becomes wet and slippery, there are many threats to agricultural land as well as transport vehicles. Click here to choose agriculture transport Farms can try out putting some safety measures in place. Below are some suggestions:

Close all the open water sources:

Some agricultural lands have open water sources that are designed to fulfill the farm’s water needs. If there are lakes or streams around the field, there will be a chance of flooding in the rainy season. However, you can keep your land if you choose to  put barriers around these open sources. This way, you will be able to protect not only your land but also your farm animals.

Use crop covers:

The purpose of planting cover crops is to slow down the speed with which the rain falls on the ground. As we decrease the speed, the damage caused to the crops due to downpour decreases upto30%. Another way to slow down the speed is to plant trees around the land. Trees also reduce the speed with which the water reaches the ground. If you would like to know more about removing a tree stump  check out Trav’s Trees.

The cover crop such as Sorghum is very useful to prevent soil erosion also. This way, the soil that you want to  remain in your agricultural land does not get eroded with water flooding.

Plant more trees and shrubs:

The rain water causes more damage to those areas of the agricultural land which have hills or raised ground around them. The water flows from these areas to the land. In order to  prevent this from happening, planting more and more trees can be beneficial. Trees block the water and don’t let it flow down.

Sometimes, trees and  shrubs are incapable of stopping water from flowing. However, they can still play a significant role in preventing soil erosion from your agricultural land.

Make a proper drainage system:

Some farmers face serious destruction because they never saw flood coming and therefore, they never planned anything in advance. Floods are uncertain due to climatic changes the entire planet earth is experiencing. Therefore, you should make a proper drainage system from where the rain water can easily drain instead of staying in farms for a long time.

One of the easiest ways to make a drain is to cut a ditch  at the end of the crop row so that the water can flow out easily

Support your crops with stakes:

Tying the stem of the plants with the strong stake gives extra strength  to plants and they can easily withstand the pressure of heavy rain and stormwater followed by it. Stakes should be taller than plants so that they can easily support the plants and prevent them from bending.

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