Tips For Improving Work From Home Productivity

Working from home has become more commonplace than ever before in recent years. Employers are looking not just to save money on office space, but to save their employees time and money on their commute. Working from home can be revolutionary for both businesses and employees, but only if productivity doesn’t plummet. If you’re finding that it’s a little more difficult than usual to concentrate, what with the allure of the television, the fridge or just popping out to do something, then you might need a couple of tips to help you keep your mind in the game.

The Pomodoro Technique

Of all of the productivity techniques that get spoken about widely, the Pomodoro technique is perhaps the most revolutionary for the largest number of people. Like most brilliant ideas, it’s a simple one; work for twenty minutes and break for five. For those of you that think your work much harder than this already, the key to this technique is in the level of focus that you have to achieve. During your twenty minutes of work, you have to concentrate absolutely, no emails, texts, doom scrolling, or making a cup of coffee, just work. You shouldn’t be able to work any harder than you are during those twenty minutes. Once they’re up it’s time for your break.

During your five-minute break, you really need to take your focus away from work. The point of the break is to allow your brain to relax, drop the focus and regenerate a little before the next intense focus session. Some people enjoy playing a game on their computer during this time. Simple games that are quick to pick up and put down are the best as you’re limited in time. Some find chess is a good fit, whilst others prefer card, board, or dice games. If you fit into the category of card and dice games then you might consider playing at one of the many online casinos in the UAE. There are dozens to choose from and with the variety of games on offer, there’s always something new that you can try in your next five-minute break. Arabian Betting gives helpful advice to people looking for gaming sites by including a star rating, as well as any bonuses that new customers can take advantage of. If you prefer the idea of playing a board game online then there are dedicated sites for this too, it’s all about choosing the style of gaming that you know will help you to unwind from your deep focus the most quickly.

Optimizing Your To-Do Lists

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If you’re guilty of arriving at your desk in the morning and not having a clue what to do then you’re not alone, but it’s got to change. There are all kinds of factors that affect productivity, your work desk could be one of them, but making a comprehensive to-do list is one of the best ways of getting a head start on your tasks. Some people find that having one on their mobile is useful as they can add tasks whenever one springs to mind, others prefer keeping a diary by their bed to jot down those annoying tasks that float through their head when they should be asleep. There are clever apps that you can check off to-do lists on, or share with your colleagues if necessary. There are a dozen different ways to keep a list, so find the one that’s right for you.

Whatever method you choose the key is in how you optimize it. The simplest way is still really effective and involves categorizing your tasks into red, amber and green columns. The red column is tasks that are enormously important and need to be done urgently, the amber column is tasks that fit into just one of those two categories and the green column is tasks that fit into neither category. Always clear the red tasks first before moving onto amber and only once the amber tasks are finished should you move onto green. Also, don’t be afraid of re-categorizing tasks. Sometimes deadlines will loom nearer and green tasks might become amber, other times projects might get scrapped or put on the back burner and red tasks might drop all the way down to green. You can be flexible with your to-do list, but always try to stick to wading through the most important tasks first.

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