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Divorces can be pretty expensive, with the division of assets and attorney’s bills. But if you’re looking for affordable divorce lawyers in Arizona, several factors will come into play, such as issues that need resolving and the region where the spouses live. 

In addition, it’ll depend on the amount of cooperation and the willingness to come to a settlement. 

Whatever the case, several factors balloon the litigation budget, such as the child custody budget and a business involved. But hiring a divorce attorney shouldn’t make you break the bank. 

Here are tips that may help you lower the cost:

Discuss and Agree With Your Spouse

It’ll take a lot of patience and understanding between the couples to discuss and agree about how each wants their life to look like after the divorce. But it’s not impossible, especially when there’s genuine liking between the couples.

Some of the factors to discuss before you hire the attorney include:

  • How you’re going to split the property
  • Health insurance 
  • Taxes
  • Alimony and child support 

Disagreements and brutal fights between the spouses push the period and the cost of the divorces to higher heights. If uncontested divorce isn’t possible, you can move on to the next step, which is complying with the disclosure requirements. 

Be Ready with Documentation

Spouses should serve each other with a declaration of disclosures that identifies all assets and liabilities. Other necessary documentation includes tax returns (the most previous two) and a completed income and declaration form. 

Compiling all the documents can take some time, but it’s important and reduces the by-hour charges with the lawyer. 

Please don’t wait for your lawyer to ask for the documents or make them spend a lot of time figuring out the financials. Ideally, do many things by yourself to reduce the attorney time. 

Provide all the Necessary Information

Your divorce lawyer may be the best in their field, but they still need your help to grasp the case properly. 

Don’t leave essential details such as previous agreements and transfers with your spouse. It only extends the divorce and the cost as well. Only focus on the important information, and leave out insults you received from the spouse. The goal is to reduce the time you spend with the lawyer. 

As such, leave the rants for the therapist or your friends, and focus on the relevant facts. 


Divorce comes with a lot of sadness, anger, and worries, and there’s always that desire to vent and talk. Some spouses will do it in the lawyer’s office, but going for counseling is the cheaper option. Leave the lawyer to deal with the legal matters, and you’ll get the best bang for your buck. 

Don’t Ignore the Legal Advice You Get

Sometimes you can feel that you deserve more from the separation, and you can feel like the advice you’re getting from your lawyer is not the right one. 

If you take this route, you’re likely heading the wrong way, where you’ll spend more than necessary. Ask for clarifications and explanations if necessary, but don’t ignore expert advice. 

Organize and Choose the Most Important Issues

You may want your divorce attorney to address countless issues, but understand that your budget is not limitless. 

Appreciate that the other party also has their rights to the property and other matters. Having unrealistic expectations such as a more significant share of the property and no liabilities can lead to an enormous attorney bill. 

Indeed, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have your way or get a better share than the other party. Expect a give and take scenario. 

Stop listening to your pub buddies and family on divorce issues. You may end up the loser with a larger bill to deal with. 

Remember that leaving as little as possible for litigation reduces the attorney’s time, reducing the bill. 

Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

Divorce attorneys are all over, and each will have their style and personality. It’s not every one of them you’ll be comfortable working with. Therefore, meet a few and discuss your case with them. 

The best among them makes you feel most comfortable discussing your issues. You can ask about their charges, but that’s secondary to efficiency, style, and personality. 

Going through a divorce is never fun for anyone, but it’s possible to reduce the bill time and improve the whole experience. Try as much as possible to agree with your spouse, have the documents ready, and only leave the attorney to deal with the most important issues. Be prepared for give-and-take.