5 Pro Tips by Edinburgh Roofing Expert to Repair Your Home Gutter

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Your roofing has a difficult task ahead of it. It occasionally requires assistance with manual labor. Your gutter system’s function is to direct the rainwater that has gathered on your roof away from your home’s foundation.

That is also tricky labor. Here’s everything you need to understand concerning your gutters, as well as some tips from our experts on how to keep them in good working order.Be sure to check out Bax Clean for more information about gutter cleaners


The Roofing Edinburgh shape is frequently determined by the availability of a limited selection of economical, local materials. Roofs in Old Town are often 40 degrees or steeper.

This is said to be due in addition to the absence of lumber in the 17th and early 18th centuries (before the extensive planting of new softwood plantations at this time to assure enough timber supply).

Roofs were therefore coated with local slate or tiles secured with wooden pegs draped above battens attached to the principal wooden rafters. Roofs have to be steep to shed rain and snow fast and prevent water from reaching the ceiling.


An appropriately slated roof can survive for up to 150 years. Slates should indeed be held together using broad-shanked copper/clout nails; ferrous nails will corrode.

If the line is exceedingly crooked, the roof could be ‘nail-sick,’ indicating that the fasteners are likely collapsing. Scots slates are usually mono at the head and double-lapped, suggesting the nail-hole is shielded by two additional layers of slate.


The lime mortar that occupies the horizontal seams disintegrates with time, resulting in a path for water to follow as it finds its way into the wellhead, where it can commence to influence the roof joists, which are typically built into the wall.

They degrade at the joints and rise in tandem with the Ingress of water is an issue. Hence it is critical to regularly examine the joints and repoint open joints using an appropriate lime mortar mix. 


Dormers are used to break up the primary roof slope and are shaped unusually; there are numerous intersections involving aircraft and materials with prospective flaws and a high failure rate.

Dormers are likewise at risk of weather extremes. They are frequently physically abused and visually inaccessible, resulting in which they suffer a failure to maintain.

It is suggested that a yearly inspection of the flashings between the dormer and the main roof, gutters, and downspouts flashings on the apron (the lead) flashes beneath the window (cills) is completed.

Look for an excellent vantage location – even from a neighbor’s apartment, across the street, and take out your binoculars!


Leadwork in gutters can collapse for the following reasons: • The sheet sizes are too large or poorly fastened, causing the lead to break. The joints between the lead pieces are poorly constructed and unsound.

The material has deteriorated and reached the end of its useful life or been harmed by acid run-off from slate roofs. This run-off is generated by algae that grow on slates, usually on shady pitches, and emerges as pale grey stains on the lead, gradually wearing a hole in it.

By tucking throwaway information flashes under the central area of slates and attaching them with lead clips and lead can be concealed.

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