TikTok debuts new advertising products, as well as measurement and brand safety solutions.

Prism, a TikTok Advertising Agency in Dubai, has learned that TikTok is out with new ad products, brand safety, and measurement tools for marketers. The company announced these during a webinar last September, fresh off the revelation that it had gathered 1 billion users.

During the pandemic, TikTok announced TikTok for Business, which includes a self-serve ad platform and other creative and influencer marketing tools, as well as TikTok for Business, which includes a self-serve ad platform and other creative and influencer marketing products. IPG Mediabrands, WPP, and Publics Group are among the main agencies with which the platform has formed strategic alliances.

In order to help brands reach Gen Zers and other audiences on the platform, the global tech company is stepping up its efforts. In just the first quarter of 2020, the platform received over 300 million downloads.

Here’s how it works.

Creative tools

Instant Page

According to Jaqueline Fitzpatrick, global product strategist at TikTok, Instant Page is a new ad style that loads a landing page 11 times faster than regular mobile pages. Without having to leave the app, users can watch movies or swipe through content on Instant Pages to learn more about a brand’s message. Without having to leave the app, users can watch movies or swipe through content on Instant Pages to learn more about a brand’s message. 

Collaboration with Vimeo and Canva

Using templates powered by Vimeo, TikTok advertising companies in Dubai can now choose the best editing styles, transitions, and fonts for their campaigns. TikTok Ads Manager will have direct access to the tool. A pilot program conducted by TikTok revealed that businesses had increased click-through rates by 50% and reduced CPMs by 80% by using the tool.

Gesture Ads and Super Like 2.0

Users who slide or tap on movies receive incentives or information from gesture adverts. When consumers like a TikTok video, Super Like 2.0 displays icons on their screens, directing them to a landing page where they can discover more regarding the material they liked.

Pop-Out Showcase

To highlight goods or campaign aspects, brands can use Pop out Showcase to superimpose stickers and graphics onto videos. TikTok marketing agencies in Dubai may encourage consumers to do things like “learn more” or “order now” since the stickers are clickable.


Famous users and creators are a big part of TikTok’s reputation. Brands can tap into this potential with TikTok’s Storytime feature, which allows viewers to influence and customize the outcome of brand videos and participate in the creative process. Fitzpatrick explained that all of these solutions are part of the company’s goal to enable advertisers to create engaging ads that tap into their creativity and fun. Brands can showcase their creativity, reach consumers and find a strong sense of performance on TikTok. 

Brand safety and measurement

Frequency and Reach

TikTok developed Reach and Frequency in response to advertiser requests for greater measurement, viewability, and media planning resources. By opting for a higher frequency of ad placement, companies can target a larger number of users. In addition to providing advanced campaign reporting, the tool allows brands to lock in a CPM in advance.

IPG clients are already using the tool, according to Elijah Harris, executive vice president of global digital partnerships and media responsibility at Magna global. He didn’t specify which of them he was talking about.

Integral Ad Science joins forces with TikTok

TikTok has teamed up with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to create a brand safety solution for in-feed video advertisements on TikTok in a similar arrangement.  To see if their brands are clashing with brand-safe content, marketers can use IAS pre-bid targeting. According to GARM regulations, the system uses frame-by-frame video, audio, and text classification to decide what content is brand-safe.

Collaboration with DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify and TikTok have teamed to track ad viewability, fraud, and impression location. Clients will have access to measurement data to monitor and optimize their TikTok campaigns with Double Verify Pinnacle, a single reporting and service platform. With much more media quality solutions likely to be launched in the next months, DoubleVerify and TikTok are aggressively expanding their viewability offering to additional ad formats.

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