How to Manage and Plan Your TikTok Campaigns

Did you know between TikTok and the Chinese version, Douyin, over two billion people have downloaded the Gen Z social media app? Although the audience base is young, the app has matured into a social media marketing goldmine. 

With that in mind, TikTok campaigns should find themselves squarely placed in your marketing strategy. But exactly how do you use TikTok marketing to reach your chosen audience?

In this article, we’ll run you through the basics of TikTok and how to plan and manage your TikTok campaigns. 

Why Use TikTok?

TikTok is a hit with the GenZ market. For many, it’s their go-to app and is used more than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It’s so popular that, as this article explains, Microsoft has vowed to try and buy the app from Chinese owners, ByteDance. 

If you want to harness the power of viral marketing, TikTok is one of the best places to be for that type of campaign. 

Approach Influencers

As with social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok has plenty of influencers. These are users with tens of thousands, or even millions of followers. A mention of your brand from a TikTok influencer could help you set your campaign alight. 

Approach an influencer who matches your brand ideals and either offer them payment or free items in exchange for mentions or reviews of your products or services. 

Be ready to post plenty of original content to coincide with this influencer activity so that you can attract followers off the back of the project. 

Hop Onto Trending Hashtags

Getting in on the latest trends is one of the ways that you can get noticed on TikTok. 

TikTok uses hashtags in much the same way as Twitter or Instagram. And just like Twitter, there are often short-lived trends where a hashtag will become wildly popular. 

Watch out for these and be ready to create content that fits in with the latest trend. 

Blend Your Paid Advertising With Genuine Content 

Once you’ve built up a bit of a following, you will no doubt want to get the message out there about your products and services. Be careful when you’re doing this, as blatant advertising is often a bit of a turn-off to TikTok users. 

Instead of just posting ads, mix in some genuine organic content. Having a healthy mix will mean you’ll be likely to retain your following. 

Limit Your Hashtag Use

One mistake that many people make is trying to use too many hashtags. Unlike Instagram, less is more on TikTok. Try to limit your use to five or six hashtags, but do some research first. 

Try and use two or three hashtags that are currently trending, or are popular. Then use two or three that are unique to your brand. 

Boosting Your TikTok Campaigns 

When planning your TikTok campaigns, remember to blend in your paid ads with your organic content. Work with influencers to reach a wider audience, and go easy on your hashtag use. 

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