Home experiments are the best way to get kids interested in science. They are especially good for little “non-wants” who do not like to go to school and have problems with motivation. Children of different ages like to conduct experiments and set up scientific experiments, and the whole family can be involved in the process itself!

Density of Saltwater

This experiment is especially suitable for those children who are afraid to swim. It will clearly show that objects in salt water do not sink, but are held on the surface. To conduct the experiment, you will need 2 raw chicken eggs and 2 glasses of water. Pour table salt into one of them and stir to dissolve it. After that, put an egg in each of the glasses of water. After a while, you will see that the egg in salt water will float to the surface, and in fresh water it will sink.

Capillary Effect

For this experiment, you will need several clear glasses, water, food coloring, and paper napkins. Fill part of the glasses with water and color it in different colors with dyes. Leave the rest of the glasses empty and place them between the ones filled with water. Neatly fold the napkins in the shape of tubes and place each one so that one end is in a glass of colored water, and the other is empty. Gradually, colored water will rise along the napkin and flow into an empty glass, turning into colors from neighboring glasses. For example, if you put red and blue next to each other, then in an empty glass the water will turn purple.

Using this experience as an example, it is possible to explain to children not only capillarity, that is, the spontaneous movement of liquid through narrow tubes or porous bodies, but also to show the results of mixing different colors. To achieve the full effect, do not wrap up the experience too quickly, you can leave the glasses for several hours, watching how the “bridge” is colored and new shades appear.

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Pharaoh Snake

If your child doesn’t get scared at the sight of reptiles, this experience will definitely suit them. For it, you need to prepare some sifted sand, powdered sugar, high concentration alcohol, soda, matches or a lighter.

The experiment should be performed on a refractory surface. At home, this can be a regular baking sheet. Pour granulated sugar in a slide, soak it in alcohol and make a small depression in the middle. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar and pour this mixture into the resulting hole in the sand. After that, set fire to the sand soaked in alcohol and watch how first black balls appear on the surface, and then a “snake”.

To make the snake more believable, instead of sugar and soda, take calcium gluconate tablets, which are sold at any pharmacy.