Three Key Areas your Plumbing Needs Regular Maintenance

When you have your own home there are things you need to pay attention to in order for your plumbing systems to run efficiently. Efficient plumbing (and inefficient plumbing) can have a huge impact on your everyday life. When everything is working fine, you forget about the value of your plumbing systems. When things start to go wrong, you wish you had been more proactive! With routine maintenance and the help of residential plumbers Perth,you can keep your water bill down, your repair costs down and your plumbing system going for as long as is possible. Here is a look at three key areas that need regular maintenance and inspection.

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Water heater

There are many inconveniences in life, but none more frustrating than a hot water outage! Showers, baths, washing dishes and clothes, and even in some cases, your heating system, all rely on having hot water. Your water heater is a key component of your overall plumbing system, but it should be maintained regularly to keep it running. Most people have a gas or electric water heater, so make sure you hire gas plumbing services if you need them. A yearly check up from a plumber is recommended. Your expert contractor can clean it and see if any small repairs are needed. For a gas water heater, an annual checkup is important in terms of safety too.


Another thing residential plumbers Perth will need to help you with are leaks. A plumbing expert can take a look at your pipes, taps, and fixtures to make sure there are no small leaks that could impact your home. A lot of damage can happen from even just a small dripping leak, if that leak is ignored and left to its own devices, it can genuinely wreak havoc on the materials used to build your home. Leaks also cost you more money on your water bill, and wasting water is no good for the environment. Hire an experienced plumber to come and fix issues when you spot them, and to do a check of your pipes and smaller components.

Septic tank

The septic tank is not something every homeowner has to deal with because you might be connected to the city sewerage network. But if you do own a septic tank, you really do not want it developing a leak or overflowing. Your tank needs to be checked to make sure it is operating correctly, and will also need emptying between 2-5 years depending on its size. You do not want to learn the hard way about the importance of looking after your septic tank!


Looking after your home is so very important. No one wants to face huge repairs, expenses and inconveniences. From a hot water system, to smaller plumbing system components, diligence and observation is required, as is having the maintenance handled by experts, whether you need general plumbing or gas plumbing services. The value of your home is higher when it is properly looked after by licensed professionals too. You should be able to relax in your home without having things like plumbing issues niggling at the back of your mind! Don’t put off plumbing maintenance for another day!