This way you generate more clicks on your own YouTube channel

The YouTube video network thrives on the fact that as many users as possible upload, watch, and comment on films. If you want to stand out from the crowd of millions and millions of YouTube users with your own productions, you have to come up with something.

YouTube gives you access to a large number of people, who are there to get themselves educated, watch silly videos, have fun while consuming all types of entertainment. From educational to entertainment, advertisements to personal vlogs, you can find them all here. With thousands of videos being uploaded constantly, though, getting your own video plenty of attention and providing traction to your channel is not always manageable. 

That is the reason you buy YouTube views. By buying YouTube views, you can quite possibly improve the visibility of your uploaded video and increase the likelihood of gaining organic views coming your way. This is easy to execute and manage, and an effective strategy that a lot of YouTubers do, big and small. With the right approach, you can see a huge spike in attention to your content.

It is easy to buy YouTube views. Services like this exist to give you quick, affordable access to the number of views you need. You can choose the package and cost that is right for you, and then purchase it immediately. 

It takes little time to see a return on these views. The numbers will go up, you will receive more attention from potential viewers, you will have an increase in organic views, and you can enjoy the benefits of the views right away. This gives you the attention and advantages that good content alone cannot.

There are a few tips on how to build an audience for your YouTube channel:

1. Content, relevance, niche

Success can be achieved with many topics, whether it’s beauty tips, videos about computer games, or science topics. But it is helpful to occupy a niche. “The more pointed the target group, the more distinctive the channel,” says Prof. Achim Fettig from the Macromedia University in Cologne. It is also important to be good in the chosen discipline. Either you are a good gamer, or you are particularly good at applying make-up. In any case, viewers should be happy to see the channel.

2. Build range

The greatest asset by which success on YouTube can be measured is clicking. As many people as possible should watch the videos on their own channel. Andreas Ebert from the YouTube channel “explains” recommends being active in many social networks. In addition to the YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter should also be used. Ebert has already brought it up to 104,000 subscribers.

Also important: “In the case of successful YouTubers from the same category, comment under the videos that people can also stop by you,” says Achim Fettig. In principle, you can also use hashtags, i.e. keywords, from well-known YouTubers, so that your own videos are easier to find for viewers who watch similar videos. Those who network with other YouTubers can also draw each other’s attention to their own channels.

3. Regularity and perseverance

Uploading new videos regularly is a basic requirement for every YouTube channel. Fettig recommends entering fixed broadcast days in the calendar. The date also includes the time. Similar to a television magazine, for example, the viewer should be able to look forward to a new video on Sundays at 6 p.m. It can be exhausting, but only a persistent YouTuber can be successful, says Fettig.

4. Talk to the audience

“You should be close to the users,” advises Ebert. He and his team keep producing videos that viewers have wished for. Questions and comments should be answered regularly. Live videos or a so-called “call-to-action” also bind viewers, according to Achim Fettig. For example, if you ask the user at the end of the video to write their opinion in the comments or to give a rating.

Furthermore, there is one of the effective marketing strategies to gather clicks on your YouTube channel or video(s) is by purchasing likes and views to get user attention towards it and then buy YouTube comments to prove their genuinity. This will further ease the suspicions of your likes and views to be non-organic and will help you drive natural traffic and build web visibility.  

5. Be authentic

“YouTubers cannot be designed on the drawing board,” says Achim Fettig. What is meant is the necessary authenticity and passion for a successful YouTube channel. You shouldn’t pretend and only make the videos that you enjoy.

According to ReachHero, authenticity can be created through certain private insights. This includes, for example, using a private room instead of a studio as a backdrop, or telling little stories from private life.

6. Quality

The videos are best recorded with a camera rather than a smartphone. Quality also includes “basics in video editing or a high-quality cover photo,” says Fettig. The professor of media management also advises careful planning of a video. “You shouldn’t fill an entire script, but a schedule is important.” The topics of the video and the respective speaking time should be entered in it so that the video does not get too long because you mess up.

7. The packaging

The thumbnail image, i.e. the preview image for every video, is the first thing that users see. Therefore, it should be as appealing as possible and make you want to watch the video. For example, bright colors are currently in fashion.

It’s relatively easy to do with websites like, where YouTube thumbnails and covers can be created for free.

The right hashtags and video descriptions are also important for a successful YouTube channel so that your own video can be found more quickly. The hashtags should fit the video and make you want to watch it.

The video description should “clearly explain what the video is about,”. Only in the lower part of the description can filming locations, equipment, or other details be explained.