Things You Should Be Aware of Before Playing MMORPGs

The abbreviation MMORPG is often found on all kinds of public pages, game descriptions, articles, and so on, so every novice player should understand what is implied here. After all, we are talking about one of the most popular genres, the army of fans of which counts millions of users around the world. In addition to the MMORPG, you can often see the name of the MMO, so what is what? And what made games in this genre so popular? Learn about the features that new players need to know about in order to feel at ease and have a real fun in massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

How Multiplayer Games Took Over the World

The online gaming industry offers a variety of options for users, from immersive video games to casino games like slots that accept credit cards. So, you decide to join other players, complete strangers, in an online universe where you complete various tasks together. No problem, google MMO (which stands for massively multiplayer online game) and start cherry-picking; this type of games has a genre branching, that is, role-playing games (RPG), strategies, shooters, racing, sandbox, etc. are distinguished among massively multiplayer online games. RPG titles have taken the biggest chunk of popularity, hence the frequent references to MMORPGs that you can see.

Interestingly, the first so-called MMORPG games saw the light of day in a text format back in the mid-1980s, and the first game with a graphical interface appeared in 1991 and was called Neverwinter Nights. And only in 1997 the whole world learned and forever imbued with love for this genre with the release of Ultima Online. The next milestones in the history of multiplayer games were 2003 when the Lineage II was released and 2004 when the sensational new game, World of Warcraft, shook the gamers’ world.

So, the MMORPG genre can be said to offer an experience exactly the opposite of single-player games. You, like hundreds or thousands of other players, find yourself in a virtual online world where you create your character, customize their appearance, acquire weapons or equipment – all, gradually, of course, as your experience grows, missions are quickly completed, and many other in-game goals are achieved. How popular are these kinds of games? As it turned out, interacting with thousands of other players is a brilliant idea and the most popular servers have millions of subscribers today. Different regions of the world have their most played MMORPG games. If we talk about international recognition, the most popular mentions will look like this:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Final Fantasy
  • Guild Wars
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Elion
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Eve Online
  • Black Desert Online

Main Features of MMORPG Games: Why They are Loved and Criticized

Nowadays, the attitude towards video games can be called more positive than negative. Many people who are prejudiced against such pastimes usually change their minds by sitting down for one of the most popular games. From the whole cohort of different games, everyone can find something for themselves. And of course, video games, including MMORPGs, have another beneficial effect on a person.

While developers and designers of online games do magical things to make each of the thousands of players feel comfortable and not interfere with each other, players are given a lot of freedom in making decisions in MMORPGs. But with freedom, they must understand what responsibility may lie with them and gradually learn this trait.

For example, when going on raids with other players, you should understand that you are acting as a team and victory is possible only if all (or almost all players) are well-organized. Weak players who always get in trouble or do not bring benefits to the group can be replaced over time and thus lose access to the best loot, points, and just stay in one place.

Secondly, MMORPGs are excellent at developing the leadership qualities of players. In many games, you can create guilds where some players plan sorties, offensives, and various processes both for their character and for a group of other characters in order to increase their influence, make alliances, redistribute rems, and so on. Players note the fact that multiplayer games allow them to make decisions more confidently, first in the virtual universe, and then in real life.

Among the strengths of popular MMORPGs is the setting in which players will develop their characters. Dragons, orcs, elves, and many other characters that you may have met in films and media culture coexist with humans in the video game, are their companions or enemies. Players can create and customize their characters, their smallest details such as appearance, race and gender to profession and skills. As the character develops and completes tasks, players can improve and develop their characters, making them more and more unique and powerful. The actions and choices of players directly affect the in-game world in general and the development of the plot for them in particular.

Everything Is Good in Moderation

The mass involvement of players in MMORPG worlds, however, brings with it not only entertainment factors. Getting the opportunity to try on different roles, to do things impossible in the real world, gamers often lose touch with reality. What could be wrong with distracting from some problems, you ask. 

The bottom line is that in most cases it becomes very difficult for a person to control their involvement, and they can get so carried away with virtual events that they forget about real loved ones, activities, and so on. A feature of RPG games is also the association of players with their characters, so this integration becomes even more personal.

The fact that MMORPGs are so addicting that they make you forget about everything in the world is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. Of course, it is better to play such games for adults with a mature psyche and treat them solely as an exciting journey through the best developments of our time.