Things to Remember During Your Bespoke Consultation and Fitting

Sydney won’t be left behind globally when it comes to style. Many Australians make it a priority to look and feel good in what they wear. 

And when it comes to wearing something that fits as it should and feels just as good, nothing beats a suit by a custom tailor in sydney. Such suits are specially made to fit your body in the best way. Wearing it will be like walking among the models in the Australian Fashion Week. And everyone knows how Aussies love fashion week. In 2019 alone, there were 24,000 attendees at the event. 

Now, it’s best to remember that the perfect bespoke suit is a collaboration between you and the tailor – not his job alone. Working in harmony with them – from consultation to measurement-taking and fittings – allows them to create magic for you.

That said, there are some crucial things you need to remember during the whole process of creating a bespoke suit.

Make sure the tailor knows why you want a bespoke suit.

This is critical information that your tailor needs to know. So, be prepared and communicate it well since this is one of the most significant factors influencing the end product.

Will you be wearing the suit for a special occasion, for work, use it daily perhaps? Are you going to wear it in Sydney or somewhere else? What’s the weather like where you’ll be wearing the suit? Think about these elements, so your suit comes out exactly how you want it and how you want to feel in it.

Know your options.

Your custom tailor in sydney will provide you with hundreds of options to choose from when creating your bespoke suit. And it can be pretty overwhelming. For example, you might be given choices from over a thousand different fabric types alone, where Australian wool is a top choice. And there’s still the buttons, cuffs, pockets and a lot more to think of.

So, it is always an advantage to know what you want beforehand. Or, better yet, find a design that you can show your tailor and make it an inspiration for your bespoke suit. This will narrow your options down, and you’ll save time, too.

Be prepared for more questions and several fittings.

The questions don’t stop with your first consultation with the tailor. It continues well beyond the first fitting. So, be patient. And, every time you meet with your tailor, make sure they understand how you feel about the suit. You wouldn’t want them to conclude that you like everything when uncomfortable about something.

Moreover, having a bespoke suit requires several fittings. Unlike buying a suit off the rack, a custom-made suit will need extra fittings and more measurements after the initial consultation. You will even be asked to put on the shoes you plan on wearing with the suit during one of these fittings. This is the kind of effort that goes into a perfect suit. 

Every man deserves to have a bespoke suit in his closet. And bespoke tailors in Sydney know just how to craft the perfect one for you. However, you also need to communicate certain things so the final product turns out how you envisioned it to be.

And of course, choosing your bespoke tailor is an essential part of the process. So, make sure you only go to Sydney’s top tailor when you want the perfect suit made for you.