If you’ve ever been to a wig store, you’d notice that there are wigs that look and feel just like real human hair. They are called human hair wigs. This is because they are made from real human hair that has been harvested and processed.

As the years advance, more people are replacing their synthetic wigs with human hair wigs. Human hair has taken over the hair industry and it is not surprising. Its natural look and feel make it desirable to users and vendors alike.

What is a Short Human Hair Wig?

A short human hair wig is exactly what the name implies – a wig made from short length human hair. There are several kinds of short human hair wigs and each kind serves a particular group of users. For instance, there are short human hair wigs with frontal lace wigs like our Summer Celebrity Style Curly Compact Frontal Lace Wig suitable for events,weddings, dates, etc. Then there are also bob wigs for the career woman look and the more affordable closure wigs.

How To Wash Your Short Human Hair Wigs

Once in a while, our wigs need to be washed to remove dirt and product buildup. In washing our human hair wig, we follow the general steps for washing our natural hair. Those steps are summarized below.

  1. Gently comb out the wig to remove knots and tangles, starting from the ends and gradually working your way up towards the roots. Do this until the comb can run smoothly through the hair without snagging.
  2. Carefully lather your wig with a moisturizing shampoo.
  3. Rinse out the shampoo, then apply a moisturizing conditioner. Leave the conditioner in for some time before rinsing out
  4. To dry the hair, first wrap it in a soft towel to absorb excess water. Then leave it in an open space to air dry.

Why Choose a Short Human Hair Wig?

Many people do not need much convincing before they choose to buy human hair wigs because the features and benefits of wearing a human hair wig is quite obvious. If you’re still in doubt, here are four reasons why you should choose a short human hair wigs.

  1. Human hair wig styles promote extreme comfort, naturalness and versatility
  2. Short hair doesn’t necessarily mean crop short. Short human hair comes in a variety of lengths. While they are generally short, some hairs are shorter than others. For example, a shoulder-length bob wig is short but longer than a pixie cut wig. The style options are limitless.
  3. If you want to cut your hair but are not sure how you would look in short hair, short human hair wigs afford you the chance to test the short hair look first before doing the big chop.
  4. Short human hair wigs are cheaper to maintain. Due to their length, they do not take up much product and brushing time.

Why Luvmehair

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Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re at home or in the office, short hair wigs are a great choice because of their simplicity and comfort. Nothing like a short human hair wig to make you look and feel beautiful. Shop with us and get those lovely compliments rolling in.