Things to know about Whipped Cream Chargers (aka Nangs)!

Whipped cream is one of the most abundantly used ingredients all around the world. The consumption of the foods like pies, coffee, cakes, hot chocolates, and the list goes on and all these foods tend to use whipped cream. According to the global market size, the demand for whipped cream is growing 8.1% by 2025.  Here comes the most essential factor that is the whipped cream chargers. 

Since the increase in demand for whipped cream, the whipped cream chargers are gaining popularity these have been used for various purposes in various industries like food and beverages industries etc. These are also been used at the household level. Whip cream chargers are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to throwaway containers for making whipped cream in a reusable whipped cream allocator or whipped cream maker.

Whipped cream charger bulbs are steel cylinders filled with Nitrous oxide which is used as the whipping agent to form a consistent whipped cream.  These chargers are also called whippets, nos, and nangs. These chargers are used in whipped cream dispensers at household levels and also at the industrial level in big tanks. The narrow end of nitrous oxide canisters has a foil covering that must be broken to release the gas. A pointed pin inserted into the whipped cream dispenser is usually used to do this. 

Advantages of Whipped Cream Chargers

  • The chargers will help in creating proper consistency and create an aerated environment for the cream to be fluffy. As the chargers are used in the closed container will keep the cream clear, bright in colour and maintain the taste without any adulterations.
  • Chargers acts like great preservative agents for the cream. As the food that uses whipped cream can extend the storage period even for the products containing eggs and dairy. This particular advantage can help the professionals for better storage of the ingredients. 
  • The whipped cream adds volume and body various food items likes sauces, pastries etc. As the varieties of flavouring agents can be added this can lead to an added advantage of experimenting with the foods and creating various recipes.
  • Whipped cream chargers are simple to use, disposable, handy and safe to use. Chargers are to be of good quality and you can find the buying options at the end of the article. 

Uses of Whipped cream charges 

Culinary Industry 

As the charger contains nitrous oxide it dissolves smoothly in cream which will not cause the cream to get oxidized when it is canned. Usually, 28% of the minimum fat content should be present in the cream which can be used in the dispenser to make a fluffy whipped cream. The additional sugar and other flavouring agents are added to the can as the heavy cream forms into lighter whipped cream. In the dispenser when it has been shaken evenly the pressure is produced and the gas forms the bubbles which form the cream.

As the cream is been prepared in closed condition it can be preserved for a couple of weeks and used when needed in the refrigerator. This is because Nitrous oxide is bacteriostatic which means it doesn’t allow the growth of microbes. Thus, it becomes an added advantage for the culinary industry to use these chargers.

Numerous recipes like beverages, desserts, savory can be made using the whipped cream as people are consuming it in large numbers.

Household use 

The world today is getting at the fingertips and people are preferring to cook dishes on their own by learning from the internet. The charger gives a professional kitchen made food experience at their household level.  The whipped cream chargers are easy to use, handy and also can be affordable. The dishes such as pies, cookies, flummery, pudding, cakes, coffee, salads, milkshakes etc., can be just made at home which will give a restaurant feel.

Whipped Cream Dispensers

The whipped cream dispenser is a piece of equipment that helps you prepare the whipped cream with the right pressure as well as the use of a whipped cream charger. They are of various volumes which can be bought according to the requirement of the individual. The cream prepared in it will be cleaner, fluffer as well as perfect to appear. This can also act as a storage unit for few weeks to keep the cream intact.  

Buying options

The requirement to make perfect whipped cream is the whipped cream chargers as well as the whipped cream dispensers. You can click on the link and buy the chargers which are safe and of good quality and are affordable. Check this out!

You can buy the chargers which are of great use you just a click away which may help u to create unique dishes or you can start your home kitchen or also include it in your restaurant which will ease your concern to get the perfect whipped cream.