Things To Have In a Gentleman’s Wardrobe

Men need to be properly dressed for work. Whether the man is a working stiff or an entrepreneur, he needs to develop his wardrobe so that he can appear at his best for whatever professional situation calls for. But men’s wardrobes are often built around classic items that don’t change or adapt according to fashion and trends. For this reason, it’s important that men know what they should have in their wardrobe besides basic clothing and accessories such as belts and ties.

       The following guide will hopefully help the male reader better understand why certain things should be kept in mind when building a wardrobe:

Casual Pants – 

Some people think of having only one pair of pants; but if you want to your wardrobe correctly, then you’ll need a couple of pairs. You’ll need a lighter pair to wear during the summer and for casual outings, as well as a heavier pair to use when things get cold.

Shirts – 

This is one of the most important pieces in your wardrobe because men’s shirts are required at work or any other professional setting. Make sure you have acceptable numbers before you start adding extras, such as men’s stretch suit and tank tops.

Socks – 

Casual socks can be bought by the dozen, so long as they match all of your outfits. It’s advisable that men wear these on days where he’ll probably be doing lots of walking/standing around; otherwise, it doesn’t hurt to ensure good dress socks are also on standby if needed.

Shoes – 

Opt for two or three pairs that can be worn with various outfits. A black pair should work well as a dressy shoe, while a brown pair is good for casual use. Make sure to have a comfortable and durable pair of shoes for wearing outdoors.

Accessories – 

These include ties, belts, watches, wallets and gloves. Most men need at least one tie so it’s best you keep at least one in your wardrobe if possible.  Different types of soles can range from dressy to casual so make sure you select wisely depending on the type of event you’ll be attending.

Belts – 

It’s always a good idea to have more than one belt in case the first gets dirty or stained. For formal situations where trousers are worn, it’s best to use a formal belt.

Watch – 

This is the only form of timekeeping you’ll need for work and any other professional setting. Make sure it has a classy look and isn’t bulky or large so that it doesn’t take away from your appearance – i.e., don’t wear a watch that looks like an heirloom that your grandfather passed down to you as a child.

Wallet – 

Not many men carry wallets, but they do serve as more than just somewhere to store money; they can also be used as an accessory when necessary. Some men prefer using their back pockets for storing items however there are some risks associated with doing this such as pickpocketing. Therefore if possible, keep cash and other items in a wallet.

Gloves – 

It’s not often that these are required but having them is always helpful if it calls for it, such as those cold days of winter or those who work outdoors on a regular basis and need extra protection for their hands.

Make sure you properly take care of your wardrobe essentials for men by washing and drying clothes correctly and using the appropriate cleaners on any clothing which needs attention. Your wardrobe will last longer if taken proper care of; ensuring good quality, versatile pieces that won’t cause you to go broke trying to keep up with the new trends.