Things To Examine When Your Gas Dryers Get Overheated

As per the data presented by the National Fire Protection Agency, there are above 15000 dryer related house fires occurring in the U.S every year. The clothes dryers are designed to produce heat so as to remove the wetness and moisture from clothes when they are rinsed off. However, when the dryers produce too much heat, it can also ignite tinder-like lint and fabric debris. 

Besides just ruining your delicate clothes, the dryers sometimes can also lead to fire. So, to detect this problem early, there are some ways to check the issue beforehand. So, if you sense any problem like this, make sure to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it before you run another road. There are potential reasons why your dryer gets intensely heated such as it can happen because of the blockage in the air flow, heating element issues or it could also be due to the cycling thermostat issues. When you feel any of these problems, make sure that you know the specific process for how to fix this thing. 

Let’s get to know this in brief here, here we would discuss about the leading causes why this emergency occurs and instructions to fix this problem 

Blocked Ventilation 

This is the most common cause for your gas dryers getting overheated. When your dryer is not able to vent out the warm air, the heat is produced. There might be any kink in the dryer that is causing this heart and leading to the blockage in the air flow. Lint traps can also cause this issue. So, do the following things 

  • Make sure that the dryer is not connected with the power button. 
  • From under the dryer, disconnect the dryer hose.
  • To clean the ventilation duct and exhaust hose, keep the ventilation cleaning kit at home.
  • Make sure if the ventilation duct flapper is working or is being clogged. 

Do check the heating elements 

The heating elements also can cause damage to your gas dryer when it causes excessive heat inside the loader. Some dryers have a single wire coil located in a metal heating box and some have the dual coil heating elements. These coils can break and cause the overheating issue. Do the following things in this case 

  • Locate the heating element inside the dryer cabinet 
  • Remove the connecting wires from the heating element. 
  • Use the multimeter to check the continuity. 

Cycling Thermostat 

The dryer’s temperature is controlled by a thermostat that cycles the heat on and off. The thermostat’s contacts can occasionally fuse together, which might cause a problem with the gas dryer overheating. Take these steps to avoid this issue.

  • Locate the cycling thermostat. In some dryers, it is founded on the blower housing where as in others these are located near the heat source. 
  • Unscrew the cycling thermostat from the dryer. 
  • Check the cycling thermostat’s rated temperature which is always between 135-165 degrees Fahrenheit. The cycling thermostat’s rated furniture should be stated on it. 
  • Use a multi-meter to check the continuity, attaching the probes to the terminals. 

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